So i was kicking myself in the but, for saying best answer wins! Till last night when i just couldn't make a decision! No lie, i wish i had a pair for everyone that entered! :( so to make my decision easier, i had my hubby read all the comments and pick a winner... so you can all throw stones at him if your name is not called lol

The winner is FAB! Congrats girl i hope you strut your stuff and make the hubby proud! please email me at  tysha.james@gmail.com with your billing info and shoe size as soon as possible, due to limited shoe sizes!
Fab said...
Hi Ty, I visit your blog daily and I am following you on Bloglovin. Girl, that shoe just gave me a huge orgasm (for real...). I will look like sex on heels with those babies on my feet! I need them in my life because they would surely make up for the fact that my husband is away for school and I don't get to see him very often (insert frustrate face here). I already see myself wearing nothing but those when he comes back for Spring break... ok let me stop now... LOL. Holla at your girl Tysha!! XOXO,Fab.  
Thanks to all those who participated, and don't be disappointed there'll be plenty more giveaways!  Out of all the giveaways that i have entered i have yet to win anything so the feeling is mutual lol!

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  1. Oh Gosh!!!!!!! I can't beliieve I won, YAY me!
    Thanks a bunch Tysha.