Birthday swaggin! Part 1

Hey Lovers, it s been a while but i'm back! I had a blast this past weekend partying it up, spending time with friends and fam and just loving and living life!It hasn't hit me as yet that I'm one year older but hey all the better! lol

This pic was taken on Friday night. My besties took me out to a night on the town at one of the best night clubs ever! Sorry i have no pics with me in the club but i didn't want to carry that heavy ass camera in the club! lol can u imagine?  

Thanks for the birthday wishes, and the fun has come to an end! Love you guys!
xoxo Ty

I didn't want to be too overdressed for that event so i decided to wear this fab sequin skirt that i purchased for just $10 bucks from the clearance rack! I originally paired the skirt with a loose fitting blank tank, tucked in but the corset had a more chic vibe to it so i decided to wear the corset! The skirt was a bit big (you can probably see that)but overall i made it work, or at least i tried!


 Winners; skirt,necklace,clutch
La senza; corset 
Christian Louboutin; heels
Micheal Kors; watch
h&m; fur scarf
MAC; ruby woo matte lipstick
Nails; American apparel Palm springs nail laquer


  1. Love the shoes,love the purse,love everything...happy birthday..thought am bit too late.you really looked pretty.hopefully you had alot of fun.

    Here in Uganda(Africa) we love your blog...


  2. Happy Birthday, great outfit from head to toe. I love your hair!

  3. Happy belated Bday! Love the skirt..and $10..sweet.

  4. love the top!! actually love the whole bloody outfit!! just nominated you on my blog for the stylish blog award. sooo go check it out and spread the love.xx


  5. You looked too cute for your bday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Mine is also coming up this month!!

    Great price on the skirt!! You know I love a deal!! Since it's too big, you can always mail it to me..I wouldnt mind a bit!


  6. Belated blessings! You look grreeat! Could you also add what nail polish color and brand you are wearing?!

  7. You look so different with your hair like that! Almost didn't recognize you. Great outfit :)


  8. U are fantastic dear!!Ur skirt is amazing I luv it.

  9. Give me the site of the label of your skirt please!!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday. Love the corset and sequin skirt combo! If only I were brave enough to try it short and fitted. The short hair is back and I give it 2 thumbs up :)

  11. thanks guys for all the bday wishes luv you guys lots! by request i've added my nail color to the w.i.w list.....

    @shiela i am so thrilled to have a follower from uganda africa.and im happy that i can be some what an inspiration from such thousands of miles away!thanks for all the luv hun!

    My hair i added a few extensions to the front because my hair was too thin to achieve the look i wanted! overall i think i did an ok job!

    @prissy anything to see you in a skirt luv! :)

    @kerissa why won't you be able to wear it short or fitted? never doubt yourself if there's something you want to try go for it, change feels good and it might take some time to adjust but you'll never know until you challenge yourself! let me know how it ends up! hugs and kisses

    @missy cheeks: i got this skirt at winners the equivalent to macys! the tag reads: My Lola A&G
    good luck finding it! stay fab!

  12. 911!!! You pulled out all the stops for this one....happy belated hun! You look a million dollars (or pounds, as im across the pond lol)

    Xisses, Onyxsta


  13. Wow this look is amazing and the skirt was such a great find

  14. love this outfit- wow!
    happy belated!


  15. L-O-V-E- this outfit
    your hair is cute too