Nail Attack

I'm in love with those mani's below! Oh how I want one now! I love the silver rimmed one. I've noticed lately that every one is making such a big stink about O.P.I nail polish. Personally I'm not a fan, I like their colors but I prefer China Glaze. (That's just my preference) The O.P.I Suede collection however, is off the chain!(That's the only O.P.I colors that I own) I will upload a pic when I am wearing the O.P.I Suede colors so that you guys can see. I am a nail polish freak but i get irritated very easily when it's time for them to dry and I always end up getting two or more finger nails smugged. I haven't committed to that much lately, but seeing all these cool colors and new designs make me wanna get my nails did! 

I love it!

Now for my collection!
Pictured below is the O.P.I Suede collection. (Well some colors from the collection) I didn't get all the colors i think I'm missing the Gold Suede, and Metallic Silver Suede.

My Colors!


  1. I LIVE for OPI...
    really need to try the matte polish!

  2. Well if your'e an OPI lover you will mos deff love the suede collection its awsome and even im not a big fan of OPI. Im more of a china glaze/essie addict! lollol the matte ive tries not really a big fan of it, i hated the way it looked like dry paint on your fingernails. but let me know how you liked it when ever you get to sample it! later chickie. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo