Rustic Vibes

Not sure how to convert your summer pieces to fall?  Its pretty easy. Actually a lot easier than you think. 
Layering is key. I also love texture mixing. Take for example this pleated pants, one of my favourite summer pieces. I didn't do much layering with this look as I didn't think it was needed. However I did layer with a cropped motto jacket and threw on a hat. That's called layering to a minimum. 

The hat and Jacket instantly gave these summer pants a fall vibe. To take this look up a notch I could have worn booties and perhaps an oversized scarf, but that was not the look I was going for. 

While I am still trying to master the art of layering, some pieces are lot easier to layer than others. This was an easy look, however layering more than 5-6 pieces all at once can be a challenge for me. Layering and making this process look flawless requires a well trained eye. I will be trying this out in the next couple weeks and will update you guys with a few posts on how I did. 

Whats your thoughts on layering? 
Lets talk about it.. drop a few lines below in the comments. 

xoxo Ty

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