Another day & Another outfit!

Just a quick post of what i wore yesterday!  
Caution: tiny hands operating the camera! lol my daughter did the honors of taking my pics! As of lately she's been the one behind the lenses, My hubby is always working and is never around to take my pics anymore! So i guess she's taken on a new hobble! lol... i must admit she did a pretty good job! Anyways nothing much to say same old chapter and same old book! (wtf?) ya i have no clue what that meant but whatever!


Browns; knee high boots
H&M; Over sized Sweater, leopard Scarf
Rosetti; leather Messenger Bag

1 comment:

  1. You look great as always!

    I don't know why, but I would never guess you were 24. You look older... I guess because you are more mature than most 24 year olds.

    I love your style man. Keep lookin' FLY! :)