Well sure why not? I have yet to own a red lipstick in my makeup bag, and i think i am ready to try the bold look! Just about anybody can sport the "red" lip look. You just have to fing the right tone!  So how do you do that? here's some tips....

credited by: fashionbombdaily.com

  • If your undertones are warm (there’s a yellow or golden undertone to your skin, you tan to a golden brown color, your veins are green, you look best in gold, etc.), then a red with a yellow or golden base works best.

             Reds to tryMAC Lipsticks inBrave RedLady DangerCockney, and Lady Bug.
  • If your undertones are cool (there’s a red or blue undertone to your skin, your veins are blue, you look best in silver, etc.) then a red with a blue base works best.

             Reds to tryMAC Lipsticks in: Russian RedDubonnetRuby WooMAC Red, andViva Glam I.
  • If you’re olive toned (neither yellow nor blue undertones) try a red with neutral undertones.
    Reds to tryMAC Lipsticks inFresh Moroccan and Spice It Up!

    I am loving the red lip on pussycat doll Melodie Thornton. Its done right with the all black look and just a pop of color on the lips, along with the aviator sunglasses. CHIC!

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