Fashion Icon

So i was never really a fan of pussycat melody hornton's look, a bit too trashy dressed for me! I'm not trying to judge another's fashion, but her style was a bit way off for me, as of lately i must say that her style has evolved quite a bit and now she's talking my language. lol I don't know if to credit her or her stylist but either or they are doing a great job! good look girl!

wish i owned all her pieces!
casual but screams sexy!

Madly in love with this look!


  1. Im fallin in love with her pieces too! lol, i had never noticed her either with nicole taking all the spotlight, shes beautiful! love her style!

  2. your blog is lovely
    im a new follower:)
    i love all your cheaper versions of designer
    i was never really a fan of the pussycat dolls but i love her style!
    how nice are her striped tights?
    belle xx

  3. Meldoy and her style are crazy hot!

  4. OMG! She's so different. When she was on PCD she looked like a **, you know what I mean.
    Now she looks classy. What a great change

  5. i know! its such a big change, but i like it!

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