Pink Lust

What a weekend! Did some thrifting, did a bit of furniture shopping, and of course shoe shopping! LOL Went to a BBQ/bonfire and ended my weekend with a delicious father's day dinner with my hubby and kids! I am exhausted! But it was all worth it! I thrifted some really cool pieces that I can't wait to show you guys! As I was uploading these pics my hubby brought to my attention that, my toenails and my finger nails are both orange! (he's says "you never do that") which is true, I have NEVER EVER matched my nail polish to my toes, I opt for different colors because I think it just looks better!

 (I think toe cleavage is so sexy)

On Another note, there's been some really good sales going on, H&M, Zara, Mango I guess they're getting ready for fall, even though summer has just begun! (You know how they do!) I haven't been yet to check out the deals for my self but I was told by a few friends that It was worth going! I'm trying to stay out of the malls, because hopefully we will be making the trip down to NYC at the end of this month, and NY deals are worth waiting for! SOooo let's see what happens..

I love the contrast of this outfit! My favorite blazer at the moment, The fit, and details amazes me every time! Who in their right mind would give up this blazer! Oh well, I'm not complaining because now it's all mine and It won't be going anywhere either!

xoxo Ty


Value Village: blazer
H&M: body con dress
Mui Mui: heels


  1. LOVE LOVE this!!! You gave me an idea for an outfit..thanks! I have the same dress I purchased from H&M a couple years back and I just found a blazer that color via thrifting recently...thanks for the inspiration and I will make sure to give credit where credits due when posting this "inspired" look on my blog! Love your Style!!!


  2. You are definitely rocking my favorite color and rocking it quite well might I add. Hot pink always seems to add spunk to an outfit (especially in blazer form). I need to go thrifting more often, I've seen people pick up so many gems. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places lol.

    Looking fly girl!!! :)

  3. You look gorgeous!Love the blazer and the dress!And I think curly hair looks perfect on you!The best style for you!xoxo

  4. I love that dress and blazer together. It so cute, and the colors work well together. I will def have to look for something similar.


  5. This is soo cute. I mean that blazer is totally hot. I would have snagged that too if I saw it. It's hard staying out of stores when you know they have a sale going on.

  6. Love this entire look. You are stunning and I never match my finger and toe nails either lol

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  7. U've got some killer legs on u and I'm loving the hair

  8. Gorgeous look! I love the blazer and the color. You wearin' the dress girl!

  9. love it as usual. lmao @ ur toe cleavage comment. ur quilted purse is the business 2.

  10. Love the color of this blazer...I thought it was Zara and you found it a Value Village...Woohoo!! Love the color combination of the pink and stripes...you look fabulous!

  11. love the blazer!
    Your husband pays really attention to details! You're lucky! Men never do that!
    If they see someone wearing glasses for the first time (if they notice that) the max of their attention is usually: have you changed frames?

  12. I hear you on staying out of the malls - I've been doing well but online shopping has become my latest addiction HELP!!!! :)

    loving the color of the blazer - loving even more the fact that its from Value Village -I never have that kind of luck in my thrift stores. Loving the color combo going to pair a black/white bodycon skirt with some pink sandals - thanks for the inspiration and this post!!


  13. I can see why its your favorite blazer! Its hott!!
    You won't believe there is no Mango is Vancouver!! seriously this city sucks balls sometimes.

  14. just found your blog and WOW, I am obsessed. This particular look is amazingly well styled. I love your hair color and it really pops against the pink blazer. I am on such a pink kick lately and you made stripes look PHENOM!!!! If you ever get a chance, please check mine out as well!

  15. omg! i just realized that value village is called unique over here :))) we got one last year and i am in there every other day! yes, the jacket is divine (the entire outfit is pure perfection!

  16. Girl, you are getting a lot of wear out of that pink blazer. That was a GREAT deal!!! I love it... and I have black/white striped dress so you know I'm about to copy this outfit :)

    Eboni Ife'

  17. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous.
    Love the stripes and the bright pink blazer.
    I want your blazer.