New In My Closet!

These are just a few things that I've added to my closet, bought them a while back but didn't get a chance to post! My purchases this time around were super girly, frilled lace shorts, chunky heels, diamond charmed earrings, corals and stripes, and my new fave hot pink shoes!

Those shorts look really cute on...

Finally re united with these bad boys!  I knew that I had to have them, unfortunately the mannequin was wearing the last one in my size! "Can't I just take them off her feet and leave her shoeless?, After all it's not like she'd notice!"I begged the employee but she said that they weren't allowed to undress the mannequins and that if I wanted those shoes I would have to go on a waiting list! WTH? Are u serious?  Never heard of that in my life! 

So yes I went on the list only because I badly wanted them! BUT... the good news was that I was the first on the list *WOOT -WOOT* so I would be the first to get the call once the shoes were removed off the mannequin! I guess it was worth the wait because I have been wearing them like crazy! I haven't had the chance to take pics of them yet but I will! They're a bit uncomfortable, but I can survive in them, seeing that I've walked in way more uncomfortable shoes than those! They're worth the pain!

Zara ~Hot pink sandals
F21~Earrings, laced frill shorts and striped shorts
Miu Miu~heels
Zara~Multi colored strapped shoes
YSL~ parfume (my fave)


  1. love it all, especially the shoes!

  2. Cute shorts...I bought them a couple of weeks ago in navy. I luv them!

    Chyanne M.

  3. Cute cute cute. Can't wait to see how you rock eveything!

  4. aaaaahhhh I need those shorts.. hell, I need it all! I could live in your closet. I'm kinda jealous. LOL!!!!

    Great pictures, too!

  5. Amazing purchases!Love every single one, especially the Zara shoes!xoxo

  6. i've seen those shoes at zara and i love them!
    Here the shopping assisants undress the mannequins if you buy what they're wearing, the waiting list is crazy!

  7. Loving the lace shorts.


  8. LOVE everything!! Especially the shoes!!! And the Parisenne is my fave too. It smells so YUMMY!

  9. Can't wait to see how you put it together! Pearls paired with lace or diamonds is soooo the ish!!! Nice stuff you got there!

  10. Very nice pieces! Hello from New York, quick questions do you know of any other makeup artists that have makeup tutorials on youtube or another website. The one you blog about evea? was great, but i would like to see a makeup artist who cater to black women. Thanks

  11. Can't wait to see how you rock both of those shorts. Loving it all. I love being a girl :).

  12. Nice...cant wait to see those shorts

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  13. I bought those same lace shorts from F21!!!! What a coincidence! We gotta do an outfit post together of how we style them.

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