Yellow Mellow

Hey Yall, I'm in relaxation mode today catching up on blogs! I'm so far behind in my reading, and comments!

So once again I've switched up my hair again, I am so dissapointed in the way it turned out, and that's never happened to me before, being my own hair stylist I've always known what I want and how to do it! I literally look I'm growing dreads, I love dreads but not on myself! LOL Anyways the hair that I chose was wet and wavy and it's just way to poofy and voluminous! because I have a small head I choose to not go so big with the hair! I took a few pics while wearing it, so you guys get a peek at what it looks like! I'm about to take it off and rock a short do that I recently stumbled upon on Tumblr! It's fresh different and so freakin cool! Can't wait to show you guys! 

These pics were taken at a cook out that the Fam and I attended on Sunday! I love this denim cut out top! The details are head turning! Once again I'm wearing my white jeans, A pair of sandal clogs would really set this look off, but I don't own clogs so I wore my Old Navy Sandals. I've had these for 3 years now and I've never worn them! Another one of my favorites, this Yellow Mellow nail polish that I bought at my local beauty supply store! I always avoided yellow colors because I could never find one bright enough, this one isn't the brightest but I'm content with it!

Talk to you later xoxo Ty


Bcbg; denim Top
H&M; jeans,bracelets
Aldo; Bag
Old Navy; wedges
No Name;Yellow Mellow nail color
F21; earrings 


  1. Another cute look! The denim shirt with the cutouts is totally unexpected! And I cannot believe you are wearing WEDGES!!!!


  2. Love this!That blouse is so beautiful and original!xoxo

  3. Oh I love those earrings! You're always fab no matter what you rock!

    P.S You know i'm sitting around patiently awaiting that short do ;)


  4. I am a new follower and I must say, you honestly can do no wrong in my book. I love the shirt and the cut outs are so feminine! You look great!!

  5. You're my new hair guru!
    I always love your hairdos and i can't wait to see the new cut!

  6. i don't think the hair looks bad..but being my own hair stylist, i totally understand your point...nyways i love that shirt, very chic look for a cook out...hopefully, you didn't get any barbecue sauce on your pants. lol

  7. Love your top! Haute accessories!


  8. Love the look and the polish! I love yellow nail polish on brown skin.And thanks for answering my questions girl. :)

  9. Fabulous top! I am really feeling this look!