Summer on my mind!

I'm really excited for this week to be over! Too much has been going on these past few weeks! I've been ranting on twitter about my messed up brows! I would love for those who are already on twitter to follow me and i will return the favor, i would love to chat with you guys and find out more about my followers! You know get to know you guys a Little better! Twitter is a great way to stay connected! I've had a twitter account since 2009 but never really used it till now! 

Anyways, i decided to go get my brows shaped at my regular spot, Only to find out that the person that usually does my brows was away on vacation, so i trusted that someone one else do it! BIG MISTAKE! and i was livid, like i know its partly my fault because I should have walked away once i found out that kathy wasn't there but i was desperately in need! I'm very anal when it comes to my brows and my hair! If its not done right then i feel like my entire face is rearranged! which is weird and that's exactly why i do my own hair! Anyways Prissy came to my rescue and told me to fill them in! I've always done that but only to make my eyebrows more exaggerated never because of an eyebrow crisis! Anywho that's on my to do list! 

On another note, I've been craving summer, and it was actually warm out on Tuesday, So i decided to bring out my leopard jumper that I've been wanting to wear for a while now, I have so much planned for this jumper and its extremely versatile! Like i mentioned before, I have lots of photos that still needs to be watermarked before posting them so i will post them all and i wont be taking any more pictures just so that you can catch up! When I do start to re post then it will be of what i wore the day previous or the day of!

Anyways talk to you soon!
xoxo Ty


Eddie Bauer; Denim Jacket
H&M; leopard Jumper
Nine west; shoes
Vintage; clutch
F21; love necklace
Nails; OPI (Por Favor)


  1. Jumper. YES PLEASE! Aqua Kitten Heels. YES PLEASE! Ivory Vintage-y Clutch. YES PLEASE!

    I'll take one of each. Please & thanks! :)

  2. What a great jumper. I love animal print with denim. Cute, cute, cute. Your hair looks great too.

  3. wow, i never knew you could pair turquoise n leopard. i guess ur the fashion boss ! got a knick for fashion ! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo love this tyshia - nicole

  4. Ty, I love this jumper!!! I was actually going to buy it too, but they didnt have my size. It looks like I'm gonna have to raid your closet one day!!! You have some great pieces (and shoes)


  5. Thaat jumper is so cute and i just loveeeee anything turquoise!

  6. OMGoodness! When did you purchase this jumpsuit? I was just at H&M on Fifth Ave and didn't see this. I LOVE it! Must go back and double-check, lol.


  7. OMG!! Totes in love with that animal print beaut!!! :o

    Xisses, Onyxsta