Mom Mode

Happy Monday Yall... So I've been MIA for quite sometime, I'm sorry, you know how it is when you're a super woman! Lol Last week has been quite a busy one, I'm sitting on so many pics that still needs to be watermarked before i post! Yah there's a bit of procrastination on my part, but i promise I'll try to post at least every 2 days, so don't give up on me just yet! It gets frustrating at times because i always gotta ask  hubby to take pics, or my sis or who ever is with me at the time! Usually when I do get home it's already late and the sun has gone down which makes it a bit harder to take pics, so some outfits don't always make the cut! But summer is just around the corner which means warmer days and more sun! 
Note to self: I gotta get a Tripod 

 Don't know what's been going on with my hair lately!I'll be switching it soon!
Gotta hit the gym, getting that double chin again (that's just my way of knowing I'm putting on weight)

I haven't gone shopping in a while, since Vegas that is . I'm trying my hardest to Mix and match the existing clothes in my closet! So you will be seeing lots of the same pieces recycled into every outfit! It is very hard for me to say NO to anything wearable! lol Staying out of the malls has helped quite a bit and also hiding my credit card from myself! (I do this all the time then i freak out thinking that its lost!)

Took some time out of my busy schedule to attend my daughters PTI (Parent Teacher Interview) a little parent slang! lol And that very same day I also volunteered to be one of the helpers for Science in the classroom! She was thrilled because normally her dad is more present at her class functions than i am so she got to show me off to her friends and teachers! It's quite funny how her teacher said to me that i looked awfully young to have an 8 yr old! The famous question of the day was; How old are you? Before i knew it i was surrounded by a bunch of 8 year olds taunting me to tell them my age lol  Don't you just love them? What a day! It was quite fun, watching my superstar hard at work and on her best behavior (maybe because i was there) lol 

These are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes i own, and still I wear them, i don't know why!  But I always make sure to pack a pair of flats in my bag when my feet has done its time!


H&M; blazer, jeans
KBG; bag
Aldo; heels
F21; top
Aviators; random


  1. I LOVE that blazer!! and those shoes! You wear them cause they're hott..duhh! lol I do it too!

  2. Love the bf (well hubby for you) jeans. I'm sure ur little girl was ecstatic that she got to show off her stylish & cool mom.

  3. girl, those jeans are hot fire! I was afraid that the boyfriends were going to be going out of style soon, and I was gonna be hanging on for dear life all by myself. LOL! Thank goodness that is not the case.

    Honey, I know what you mean about being super busy. I have been staying up super late these days trying to not to fall behind on posting. Hang in there! We'll be right here waiting when you get back. :)

    And girl, you betta go buy a tripod!! Mine was like $30. You just gotta do it!

  4. I love this outfit. The boyfriend fit jeans look amazing on you. I also love the blazer! Nekiah

  5. Love this entire look, jeans are the joint, so Carrie Bradshaw only with your spin. Love it!

  6. nobody does the boyfriend jeans like you do, seriously... luv it!! i tend to stay away from Aldo shoes, i've had a few bad experiences so I just gave up on the brand, their shoes are madddd uncomfortable...