The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime!

Hello to all my lovely people! God how i miss talking to you guys! I hate the feel of an abandoned blog, I remember when i first started, i swore up and down to never go a day without posting something, but what can i say life has a way of butting in and then shit never goes your way!

So the holidays are finally here, not like I've been anticipating it or anything! I'm actually a bit depressed to be honest with you! I'm just not feelin Christmas this year.  (no hard feelings to all my festive peeps its just me) The only thing that I'm excited about really, is to see the smiles on my babies faces when they open up their gifts on Christmas morning! Christmas is not the same without all the people who u love there to share it with! My Christmases has never been the same since i lost my mom, but i still thank god for letting me experience many more and to live it up with my fam! Anyways enough about that, don't want my depression to start rubbing off on you'll :) big smiles.........

Had my day off today and had to get sooo much done. I had to get all dolled up since i haven't been dressing up lately, you know with work and all! Kept getting stares and compliments all day long! I hate when people stare and i don't know what they're thinking! ha ha  But I'm glad to say



Zara; Faux Fur Vest
Forever 21; top and skirt
Winners; purse
Micheal Kors; watch
Steve Madden; Heels

xoxo Ty


  1. Ty, I love EVERYTHING about this look from your hair to your shoes! This is fierce!


  2. Hey Ty,

    Sorry to hear about your mom. I am sure that the holidays have lost some of their luster. But I am sure that you are to your kids what your mom was to you on the holidays and I know the;ll help infuse some joy into this holiday season for you!

    I am drooling over that vest, girl! and I love the way you put this whole ensemble together. I'm so desperate for a faux fur vest I can hardly stand it! Lol

  3. Ty, girl! You look ammaaaaaazing! <3 EVERYTHING! (the "D" feelings are understood)

  4. Beautiful!!!!! I love this look and so I will pay homage by recreating it this weekend....lol

    I'm sorry your Mom isn't here ((((hugs)))

  5. Wow!!! you look great

  6. I always get excited to see a fellow Toronto fashion blogger. You have an impeccable style hun.

    Stay gorgeous!