My weekend Goodies!

I really need to take a trip to NYC! Shopping in NY has yet to disappoint me! I'm thinking if Black Friday will be a good day to leave! SALE SALE SALE Not too sure yet but I'm thinking about it! I went to Zara looking for this aviator jacket that i seen online, but just my luck! The sales clerk had me in a pissy mood all day when she said that the jacket wasn't sold in Canada! like hell what is? It seems like i always set my self up for a disappointment! Now it all makes sense why i always stuck to online shopping! With just one click and plastic (credit card) with your name on it, you can have just about anything your heart desires!

On another note i was surprised to find a few things that excited me, and was totally my style!  On Saturday night my hubby surprised me with this Mikael Kors Watch. I was very much surprised! I've wanted one for as long as i could remember, but don't know the reason as to why i never purchased one a long time ago! (the prices are fairly reasonable) Like i mentioned before in previous posts, it feels soo good to have a man who knows you inside out! Once upon a time it would be a nightmare if he ever picked out a shoe for me, now he can do it with his eyes closed! :D I luh you boo!

I always tend to drift off topic, so i'll stop here and you guys can take a look at some of my purchases that i cant wait to wear! 

 F21 oversize knit with pockets ( i love the details and pockets)

H&M oversized knitted scarf in blue

H&M oversized knitted scarf in White

 My Camera takes horrible pics inside! The true color of this top is pastel pink

Lace Detail...

H&M Fur neck Scarf! This thing is warm! I love it and cant wait to wear it over my wool jackets as the temperature gets colder!

 Forever 21 Earrings 

 Cheap Monday Jeans 

 H&M Leopard Jumpsuit 
(this piece here has a story behind it! I seen it and fell in love with it but was stupid enough to leave it, so I went back the next day to look for it but my size was sold out, so like the shopaholic that i am, i bought it and went to every H&M until i found my size! Ta DA! well u do the math........)
 My hubby can't for the life of him understand  why i was chasing down this jumper! He doesn't like it at all! Then again, there's a few things in my closet that he occasionally frowns upon! but that's cool cause i wear what i like! Ha ha

I have lots of ideas for this hot number. I'm going to bring it to my seamstress and i will show you the finishing results! Its a surprise.

This jumpsuit also reminds me of the one that ife wore here! If i could remember her bf didn't like her leopard outfit either! Hey its a guy thing! By the way she rocked the hell outta it, and now its my turn! lol love yah Ife Ha ha



  1. new stuff!!
    the gift of ur husband is amazing!!

  2. I bought this same jumper about a month ago... and I have yet to wear it! I have a girls trip to Miami in two weeks...and I think that will be the perfect day look for some shopping on Lincoln!!
    -Just discovered your blog a few days ago! I like!

  3. love the knits :)


  4. I bought that same Michael Kors watch this summer & wear it non-stop! You got some great things on your trip!

  5. Yeah I wanted that jumper and did the same thing but when I went to get it,they didn't have my size. I realized if I see something ,especially in H&M I'll buy it right away because I'll never kno when I'll see it again :(