Pardon my french, but i tried posting a pic on Sunday night and my blogger account notified me that I've ran out of space and needed to start purchasing more space! Has this happened to anyone as yet? I mean i don't mind paying cause it all benefits me in the end, but geeeeeeze at least notify a sistah! So for all those who didn't see this coming I'm here to spread the word! and the pricing is not bad at all! I got 80 Kb for $20 a year! (i think its Kb) But anyways my posts are somewhere in china until they can process my payment! And mind you that's a 24 hr wait! Hope you guys are enjoying the rest of your week and getting all your Xmas shopping done!

(((Pulling my hair out)))

xoxo Ty


  1. Oh mehn, i heard about this today and it seriously sucks big time! I had no idea it could happen.

    Stay gorgeous!

  2. oh that sucks bigtime!!! like they could have at least given you a warning....