Back to school Shopping and fun with the kiddies

 I tried to keep my composure during shopping and reminded myself that im here for the kids. You gotta love fall! I got my eyes on this brown trench from zara really cute…..and the clearance rack at H&M blew my mind.  Saving is no fun :(  I need to go on a shopping spree! Im sad just talking about it! oh well…I came to the conclusion that im always gonna see something that i like so me saying that im not gonna buy things, just sounds good sayin it, but never really happens right?

To wrap it all up i took my daughter and her friends to Canada's Wonderland (An amusement Park) it was really fun! I cannot stomach rollercoasters and they are just not my cup of tea! Kudos to all you out there who enjoys a mean rollercoaster ride! That whole Adrenaline thing! I was put to shame when i seen 6 year olds coming off the roller coasters! lol WOW am i that weak?  The kids had a good laugh at me chickening out! I did enjoy the bumper cars, and water rides.. Now summer has ended it was great while it lasted now im ready for fall!

 My god daughter and I enjoying the bumper cars….

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  1. yes ! i never knew what lanvin was , but thnx for the heads up. cool. and your glasses in the second pic are straight fire girl ! i luuuuuuuuuuuv da blog !