Hey everyone, I haven't been on in a while ! I've been completely busy getting my daughter ready for back to school ! She's so excited, and so am I. They grow up so fast, so much to shop for , so little time. I was more excited shopping for her than she was ! LOL. I always remember the first day and week of school. Everyone would come with new pencil crayons, markers , etc, and then the next week, everything would be lost haha ! Anyways, my sisters phoned me up earlier and reminded me that Halloween is coming up soon . I've always enjoyed Halloween, especially the yummy treats my daughter brings home. But then it hit me, I've never actually dressed up for Halloween, and I think I should definitely start doing it. One problem I have right now is figuring what I should be. My sisters came up with a few suggestions such as a naughty school girl, Pocahontas, Sexy Vampire, Wonder Woman, etc. I am open for suggestions because I am completely stuck ! Feel free to voice your opinion !

Naughty School Girl
Other - Please feel free to suggest
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