Good Times!

This post is dedicated to my girl Keisha. Such a beautiful person inside and out!  And im glad i got to have celebrated this blessed day with you! Happy Birthday hun… Last night was a very interesting and fun night! We celebrated my hubbys cousins bday at the Rosevelt (a popular restaurant known for its good food and red carpet celebrities) and drank and partied the night away at Empire night club! Can't remember when last i've gotten this drunk. My excuse? i was drinking to my girls birthday :D But i must say i have lots more fun when under the influence of liquor! ha ha im a bad girl! Anyways like i said it was fun catching up with people i havent seen in years, or maybe months.

And whenever we go out we roll deep!  picture this the entire restaurant was filled by our people only! The night was filled with laughter, good food(the watermelon salad was the bomb!)louboutins, moe't and a bunch of drunk  girls! HaHa

On another note i got bored of my short do! I've NEVER and i mean NEVER kept a style longer than a month, so you can just imagine how bad i wanna switch it up! It was LoOoOOng overdue.. Now i am loving my new do and falling in love with long hair all over again! Yes that happens when you've been rocking a short do for almost a YEAR! EEK! anyways my luvs im out, still tryna get over my hangover, i literally felt like i puked out my brains this morning the aftermath=not a good feeling! xoxoxoxoxoxo
CAUTION: Pic Overload

The birthday girl xoxoxoxoxo

My girls Loubys  Too fierce!

Oh what a night! lol 


The Ladies xoxoxoxoxo
FCUK dress, Bcbg shoes, Thrifted clutch(vintage)


  1. hun i am a fun of ur blog and think you are great. i am sayin this with love, the long hair ant that flatterin on u, u looked hot with short hair. being a black girl myself i know short dos can be difficult to maintain, maybe experiment more on the long hair option and make it just as hot. Good luck , ur fashion sense is off the chain.

  2. <3 it all!!! ESPecially alllll the pieces & details!

  3. anxiously anticipating the next post!

  4. your blog is great!Love your long hair..it complements your face and look!



  5. in response to the first comment. fyi she had long hair in her older posts. she looked great then and she looks great now. and learn how to spell. fan is spelled with an a not a u. honey you look good. love the dress.

  6. Anonymous august 30, i dont care whether u like what i said or not why are u taking it so personally. Its my opinion that she looked better with the short hair than her current long straight look. There are different ways to style long hair to suit a face. i wasnt attacking her. i like her style thats why i come to the blog and i should be able to comment how i pliz. since u said i should learn how to spell, i think you need to learn to have a better attitude and stop being so bitchy.lol

  7. thank you all for the feedback, no need for negativity here ! all feedback is appreciated.