The new BUZZ

This has captured my heart! i fell hard when i seen these babies. Who ever thought of this color and design colaboration is a genious. I want it! with only 36 pairs made of this color even more reason to own a pair i'm talking EXCLUSIVE!  Boo if your'e reading an early anniversary gift would be nice! xoxoxox I'm already on the hunt for this baby, and lets just say its not an easy hunt no where has it, but it will all be worth it when its in my hands and i can feel that pony fur! Dang! PONY FUR? i'm all over it! Peep it and fall in love too! 
u know you got it bad when youre dreaming of it!
Doesn't even come close!
I'm talking PONY FUR! 


  1. I pre-ordered mine the other day. Great minds think alike!

  2. omg! are u serious? you got the pink ones? how and where? i was on the hunt for the pink ones and i wasnt in luck! :(