T.G.I.F (Thank.God Its Friday)

Hi my loves. Don't you just luv Fridays? Here are some pics to lust over! :) Talk to you soon.

Those evil little skull heads are taking over the world! I love it.

I would rock the hell outta this body suit!

Sickest peice of jewelery ive seen in a minute!

I need me one of those cut out bras! 

or the bodysuit cut out even yumier!
New louboutins! FRESH OUT DA BOX! DrOoL!

Im sorry im not over lace yet! 

Play in style! Black on Black Cards…...


  1. I love luxe details all the time in every way...those playing cards take just elevated go fish out of this stratosphere! LOL...luxe life!

  2. Let me correct my hot mess...I'm a hot mess. Those playing cards take go fish (the game) to another level.