What do you get for someone that has everything?

Hey luvlies…. Happy Monday to all Hope every one had a splendid day, I know I did! (My son took his REAL first steps today without holding onto anything!) I'm so proud of him, I remember feeling that way in 2004, when my daughter turned one and took her first steps as well!  *tear drop* my kids are growing up! SIGH…... It was very slow at the salon today,I think we should be closed on Mondays, (not much business) 
Anyways.. my sis and I went on a birthday hunt for my hubby! His birthday is coming up (Virgo)  and i am pulling out my hair on what I should get him! He has almost everything! literally! He's gotten too many colognes and watches from me I think its about time I switch it up. Speaking of very high maintenance, that he is. His closet is swamped with designer labels, from Hugo Boss, to Ralph Lauren, ( he is a brand name whore) and he loves shoes (especially sneakers), So my sister and i paid a visit to Gucci to see what goodies we can find him! Just in case he's reading this post I dare not say it out loud! What do you get someone who has everything? My sis says Gift Card,  Yes or No?

Steve Madden heels, Gucci bag, F21 top

Essie nail Polish "Chinchilly"

F21 shorts


  1. look @ u, u sexy chocolate . go deh . :)

  2. I love the nail polish and yellow tank together... So unexpected.

  3. My friend is having the same problem trying to decide what to get her boyfriend of 5 years. It appears as if they have done everything I want to suggest already.

    I love your outfit. I use your outfits as inspiration when I need some help with the latest trends.