Genie in a Bottle!

Hey luvs, what do you know tomorow is Monday already! Still cant get over how fast the weekend sped by! I am having a severe case of sun burn right now, my skin is peeling and it looks awful! I feel like i have really bad eczema! I've tried everything and nothing helps any ideas? i would greatly appreciate it….

Anyways on to other things. So i've been dying to try this look since i seen carrie bradshaw sporting it in SATC2. The "Genie Look" Ofcourse hers looked alot more chic than mine but im loving the look, so i decided to put my own little twist to it! Remember back in this post i was on the hunt for genie pants?

I was missing my gold bracelets in order to complete this look. Oh well! check it out! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

sorry for the dark pics i had to adjust my cam to the right settings..
My bis sis! My partner in crime & the only chick that puts up with my bullshit!

American Apparel pants, h&m scarf, seychelles heels

Ya Heard?

Having some early drinks :D

*Bottle Service*  Girls just wanna have fun!

I'm paying the price for this amazing tan!!!!!!!! OUCH!

kisses xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. <3 it!!!

    I really admire how you put things together; outfits, accessories, hair, make up, polish, etc.


  2. I have you tried Aloe Vera Gel? That helped me a lot with my sunburn.

  3. Omg! thank you! i will try that right away! i hope it works!

  4. This outfit is sick! You're like a stylish genie!