There's No Love like a Mother's Love

Hey guys, so yesterday was a day of relaxation and fun for the kiddies. We went to playdium an indoor arcade, Go karting, mini golfing, Rock climbing, and a whole lot more! The kids had mad fun, and my inner kid always comes out at places like these, i guess its the mom in me! T. J (that will be her blogger name) my daughter tried rock climbing for the first time, she was a bit scared at first but she over came her fear the second time around when she made it to the top! I'm so proud of her she's only seven but very intelligent! She's really excelling in her studies and has yet to bring home a bad report card! I think she deserves a trip to disney world this year! And its amazing how time flies she's really growing up! I started feeling a little sentimental at my thoughts yesterday, and i realized why quality time is so important with your kids, especially girls you never ever want to feel reconnected with your kids. you want to know what goes on in that little head of theirs. I was a young mom when i had her, and i never knew if i was doing the right thing, but every time she smiles i know that she's all right! And its sad that her nana is not here to watch her grow, she's an amaizing kid and i love her just the way she is! My son is still young, but i love him justthe same, i'm looking forward to watching him grow just the same.. i love you guys!

Miss Sixty jeans jacket, f21 tank and accessories, H&M skirt, steve madden bag, Old Navy sandals

T. J's shoe game is sick!  Pink Jordans

Here's a few random pics of my kids! I'm sorry but their faces are not shown, Im a little scared to show their faces! There are some sick ppl out there, blive me! 
p.s i was the photographer behind these pics, i made a collage with all the pics i snapped! 

Lil Bro..... Big Sis

My son Anthony xoxoxo

There's something about this pic i love!

T.J practicing her ballet moves! she's a girlie girl!

yup! she's a pro now!
I see You!


  1. Awwww I love it!!!

    I'm not a mother but my nephew just graduated from fifth grade and must have cried through half the ceremony lolz. He's a great cute.

    Love the skirt btw!!


  2. awwww u have the perfect fam. are u sure ur really a mom?

  3. @Tima thanx xoxoxo You dont even have to be a mom to have that connection u know? i'm sure all you were thinking about is look how big he got, he was a baby just yesterday! trust me they do grow up!

    And yes i am a mom wouldn't change it for anything! xoxoxoxo

  4. HI.great look,that jacket have something..
    fine that u spent a relaxing day with ur kids :)
    cutie b&w pics of ur kids.
    enjoinr ur week.

  5. the shoes are really pretty , and i like the leopard print .