Being a stylist does have its ups and downs. I am literally sometimes the last to always get my hair did! why is that? Its funny because when my clients come to me all frowned down because they can no longer look at their outgrown roots or long overdue hair cuts, and i can truly say that i feel their pain but their problems gets fixed in an hour or two of sitting in my chair, mines on the other hand hardly ever gets fixed! :(  Since my hair is lined at the back because of my short do, it makes it almost impossible to cut it myself! I totally missed one of the most important events, of my life, well not really, but yah because of my hair not being done, for some people it starts with the outfit then everything else falls in place, im the opposite, for me it starts with my hair, and then my outfit falls in place..... now im stuck with a %#@!*^ up do for god knows how long! I think i am going to put extensions! mmmmmm 16 inch maybe! now that i can do on my own! Anyways i guess you can say im having a bad hair week, not even my sidekick (my flatiron) can do the job and it usually can, so i think i will be changing up my do? Do you guys ever had this problem? Like you had the worst hair day, to the point of just on the verge of tears, or just not knowing what to do anymore? pls send in your comments if you've ever felt this way, i know its a girl thing and every woman has her moments but i just need to know that i am not alone!


  1. I think we all have bad hair days. Mine is the opposite, because I have long hair. And it's natural so it changes with the weather, literally. Not having the patience to try all the curly hair products, I end up using the straightening iron and tying it up a lot. I didn't think about the fact that with short hair, you have to keep it lined. It just goes to show, that we never really know what hair issues we all have.

  2. all i can say is that right now you are so lucky! You can wear it curly(if you want that is, with a bit of time invested!) straight, up or down, and you're out the door! Thats what i miss the most about long hair, you'd never know when i had a bad hair day! well not all short do's require a line up, depends how it is styled! Have you ever tried wearing your hair curly? im always giving ppl tips i guess i cant help it its the inner stylist in me! try using your diffuser, attached to your blowdryer, diffuse it using lowheat on a cool setting, add some moose and when youre done flipyour hair upside down and fluff it for added volume, but trust me your curls will come out looking amazing! try it and let me know! now you dont have to have a bad hair day again! and secondly the flat iron are our best friends! :) thanks for sharing its so true about never really knowing anothers hair issues!

  3. Thanks for that stylist tip;) I will be letting you know how it turns out because you know I'm gonna try it soon. Then I'm gonna do a shout out to you on my blog;)