Hey guys it's like 34 degrees in Toronto right now and everyone who doesnot own an AC has probably already died from heat stroke! Its really humid out right now, no air just sun and heat. Just a couple months ago my fellow canadians were all fed up of the undecided weather that we were having, now the heat is here to stay we are all hiding behind our central air. Can you imagine how hot it was in the salon? It was a heat box, with all the hair dryers and blowdryers going on all at once! i was melting, my make up needed to be retouched, my hair was getting all frized up, too much happening all at once i wanted to scream! Then the unthinkable happened....  A power outage! YAAAAY well that is how i felt secretly inside! It lasted for more than an hour so we were told to pack up and go home! cmon who wouldnt take up the opportunity, its not like we could've got any one's hair done even if we wanted too! Boy ill tell you we had some pretty pissed of clients today, this one customer said she'd wait till it came on! really?
I wasted no time, you didnt have to tell me twice!! I only had one client in my chair when this all went down, but lucky for me she's mad cool and totally understood! So i took the extra time to get some stuff done off my to do list!  BAD IDEA! why didnt i just stay home and walk around half naked and enjoy my AC? That's when it finally hit me that summer is here, now i'm dreading what tomorows weather  will be looking like! Was i asking for too much?

* These pics were taken after i got dismissed from work and about to go run a few errands!

Don't know why i was curling my toes like that, pretty gross pic if you ask me but the focus is on the shoes not my busted ass toes! xoxoxoxo

Mike & Chris shorts, H&M dress worn as top, American Eagle belt

Gucci Sukey tote and no name sandals


  1. This is so cute. I love the high waisted paper bag style short.


  2. your blog..love it! :)


  3. Girl NYC is no better. I felt like crap at work because for some reason air doesn't travel down to the lower level smh.

    Cute fit!!