How's that for a colour. I own nothing like it. This dust coat is everythiiiiiing and more. How could I leave this piece behind? Well at first I did, but If you're anything like me, well lets just say you know how that goes. First the sleepless nights, then the torture, did I mention the torture? 
I was not surprised to see this item sold out on line in just a matter of days. 

Love the waterfall detailing of the collar. 

I threw on my tortoise super frames and completed the look with an all white ensemble. I was going for an all denim look, but that quickly changed once my destination did. Fashion guru Olivia Palermo was also seen in this hot item seen pictured below. She knocked this look right out the park. I might just follow her lead and pair my white palazzo pants with this coat. 

Wearing; #LimeCrime lip stick in Cashmere 

Wearing: ZARA- coat, crop top, jeans and sandals, SUPER sunglasses 

Until next post my loves ..... 

xoxo TY


  1. Flawless!! That coat though is everything!!!!

  2. YES coat. SO perfect!


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