So I really wanted to start this sentence off with something cliche' like Back like I never left.... but hell! Who am  I kidding its been a while peeps. It feels so good to be back. I can't wait to share my looks with you guys. You all have showed me so much love over the past few years and it's that kind of support that keeps me going. 

Lately I've been feeling uninspired, but now that spring is here and the traces of this nasty winter is no longer, I think ya girl is quickly getting her MOJO back.  Don't believe me just watch?  I've especially missed wearing my open toe sandals, showing off that bright coloured mani that's been hidden all winter long in my sweaty hunter boots. UGH! just the thought of it. They're now back in the box where they belong. 

Wore this dress to dinner with the fam. Nothing fussy just kept it real simple. These shoes I purchased last year from the Zara sale. They were definitely worth the wait, AND I bought them in orange as well for quarter of the original price. Don't you just love when that happens?  If only I had the will power to wait until everything I liked went on sale to purchase. That right there is a patient shopper, but ya girl ain't got time for that. Life is too short to be waiting for things to go on sale all the time LOL you feel me? 

Wearing: Zara; leather jacket, dress, shoes,  Oliver Peoples; sunnies 


  1. love the whole look!

    Giselle ♥ www.redlipstickandchampagnedreams.com

  2. Fabulous!! You wearing that dress boo!! Glad you are back!!

  3. Aaaaaahhhh! It's been forever!
    Welcome back for real
    Hopefully the MOJO remains & we can see more of you online lol
    You (and that enviably stylish wardrobe of yours) have been missed

    BLEURGH - http://www.bleurghnow.com

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