Blisstful Moments ....

Thought I'd share with you guys my recent buys, no regrets just a grin from ear to ear for scoring such  good buys! Enjoy

1. Foreve21 suede pants and knit. Such a nice pop of color for winter Days
2. Love wearing this bra with anything sheer! can't get enough sparkle 
3. The prefect reindeer duo (my daughters favorites
4. This necklace has such a vintage look! Loving the details
5. My newest obsession right now
6. Can never leave the mall without one of those bags! My fave store
7. I smell Christmas! Goin Martha Stuart on ya"ll
8.The back of my new Zara top
9. New Accessories
10. Neon, Leopard & Tan = beautiful combination
11. Stripes never get old
12. Cant wait to wear them together
13. My sis beat me into purchasing this clutch, well she did see it first! LOL now I'm a proud owner of one!
14. Zara sequin skirt. courtesy of hubbs. Can't wait to wear this outfit!
15. A taste of my decor
Thanks for reading! 
xoxo Ty


  1. Love the Zara heels & sequin skirt!*


  2. Great purchases,hon!Love every single one!

  3. Wow...what great scores! It the holiday season...yayyy!!


  4. I am loving these fantastic photos~


  5. Good items, loving those shoes and the color of that clutch.

  6. Looks like you got some great pieces! Now you're gonna have me looking for those suede pants in F21! Love the color


  7. What? Forever 21 has suede pants?! I have cute suede shorts from there, now I need those pants

  8. Great buys! You have put me in the mood to go shopping. I love that clutch and these photos look amazing.

  9. You got some cute stuff!!!
    I love what I see of your Christmas decor would love to see more. Can you believe I've never decorated for Xmas?