Reb'l Fleur

Hey Peeps.... I am so happy to return back to blogging ( it's only been two weeks) I've missed you guys and your sweet and funny comments! *Waving Hi to all my new followers, Welcome!* So glad you're here to stay! Be sure to follow me on Twitter so we can chat! The hubby left me camera less when he went away on his biz trip, I was tempted to go back to using my shitty SONY camera, but once you've used a Canon EOS 7D trust me there's no way in hell you're going back! 

Anywho, hope every one is having a great start to the week, I did a bit of thrift shopping and man did I hit the Jack pot, 3 blazers, One dress, 3 clutches, and 3belts ringing in at $50! My best thrift discoveries yet! The pink one pictured below was one of my lucky finds! Everything about this blazer was perfect, the scalloped edges, the gold rimmed buttons and the crop like silhouette! The only think I hated was the shoulder pads, I'm not a shoulder pads Fan at all, but sometimes it works! 

My skirt on the other hand, I've had this skirt for a while now and I don't think I will ever part with it! It's one of those pieces that can be mixed and matched with almost anything! I know after a while some clothes needs to be retired like literally! LOL  We all have a few of those sentimental things  in our closet that we tend to cling on to longer! If those pants you like have a "notice me" hole in the crotch it's time to retire it! Or those dreadful looking side leaned Uggs that you've been saving for a next winter, It's time to retire Them! 

 Oh! has anyone gotten the chance to smell Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur Fragrance as yet? I am a little disappointed at the packaging,( it resembles a love potion bottle) but I can't judge it until I smell it!


And Finally The suns out a bit, I get to wear my BJ's (Betsey Johnson) bow shoes! They're pretty comfy to walk in! I've been living in them lately, I wear them with any and everything! You soon will get tired of seeing them on here!
I'm already visioning how fast the summer is going to end! That's why I am going to enjoy it rain or shine!


Thrifted Blazer
H&M; white tank
F21; Skirt
Betsey Johnson; bow heels
Thrifted Clutch; Vintage
Oliver Peoples; sunglasses
OPI Nail Polish; Mod About You


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!Love the blazer, the skirt, the heels, everything!Missed your looks, honey!Welcome back!xoxo

  2. You look so pretty!!! I absolutely love this look, girl! and the pink....awe, I'm so weak when it comes to pink. lol. U look amazing! You totally scored!

    BTW, I absolutely love your hair! Matter of fact I love everything about this look!

    (Blog GIVEAWAY going on NOW, check it out!)

  3. You look so fab, Ty!!! Love the blazer (great find) and those BJs are to DIE FOR!!! Your hair is always super fly (now that's how a hairstylist should look)!!! and I agree, I'd rather not take pics if I have to go back to using a plain ole digital camera! LOL. And Rihanna's perfume is soooo sexy smelling. Its on my list of perfumes to buy!


  4. Love the thrifted blazer and the color! Great look!

  5. You look great. Love the hair and the shades :)
    I recently hit the jackpot while thrifting, as well… three blazers, TWO leather skirts, a clutch, and a Zara Men's shirt (lol)… $30!


  6. This is my 1st time viewing your blog but I love the look and your hair is adorable!

    I recently smelled Rihanna's perfume and I agree the bottle is a bit drab but it has a lovely light floral scent to it.


  7. Loving the pink, the hair, the shoes, the blog :) Follow each other?


  8. I'm new to your blog and I luv your style. So chic! And the jacket looks great on you.

    Chyanne M.

  9. I love everything about this look. That Blazer is to DIE for... Also, where is the watch from? Michael Kors? its perfect.

    You ALWAYS look good. Hair and makeup are always on point. Definitely one of my favorite blogs to follow.


  10. I love your whole outfit combo, very classy and the shoulder pads work great with it. Love, Love, Love it.


  11. What a pretty post! I love your hair..& that pink blazer is everything!!!
    So cute!


  12. OMG u look so hot!! I needed some inspiration 4 tomorrows outfit & i have definitely found it weather permitting.

  13. This is such an amazing outfit!!! Really!! I love it!!! I could lookt at the pics over and over again ;)

  14. Darling, who is the watch by? Is that MK, Michael Kors?

  15. love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. this is beyond cute!!!!!!! i need to go thrifting more i love that blazer!


  17. Girl, shut up!!! I need those shoes.. like now!

    That blazer was a SCORE! The scalloped button panel is gorgeous. It's the kind of thing that you can only find at a thrift store, you know? great find!

  18. Your hair, the blazer yes ma'am..two thumbs up. I haven't checked out RiRi's new fragrance because I've been waiting to purchase D & G the One as my summer fragrance. Should I treat myself to another Mother's Day gift?

  19. What a great post! I just came across your blog and I fell in love with it! It's spectacular! I love your style! Check out my blog and follow if you like it, I promise to do the same!
    See you soon, kisses!

  20. Wow I just started following your blog and I fell in love with your style. You are actually the first blog I have ever followed yaaayyyaaayy. I dont mean to get to personal but I see that you trasition from short hair to a weave every and I would like to know your method as far as sew in, glue, half wigs etc.. Im asking because I too have short hair and would like to wear a weave from time to time but I just dont know what method to use.

    I love the vercatility of hair, it can totally change your look.

    Thanks a bunch

  21. Soooo cute! Luvz the heels!

    I agree, the bottle is disappointing, and this is coming from a Rihanna stan! LOL But smell it though... its bomb.com... so you'll get over the bottle, lol...


  22. I really love that blazer you are wearing , Nice outfit !!!