California Love

Hey Luvers,  It's a beautiful Wednesday afternoon here in Toronto and the hubby and I are going to Dinner, Red Lobster to be exact! I can't wait to dig in I love sea food! Lobster sauteed in garlic butter sauce with shrimp Linguini Mmmm!

This week's assignment for Bloggers Do It Better from Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly was the White Out Challenge! I personally love an all white outfit, wish I was brave enough to wear it more often but white clothing and kids don't mix! Believe me! I don't want to be staring at another chocolate hand printed design on my white jeans!
 I was going to wear my all white ensemble on Saturday instead of today since we are invited to a friends Dinner Party, But I noticed that I had one day left to submit my entry so here it is!  

We're also celebrating our 10 year anniversary,Yes we've been together for a long time, and although he sure knows how to push my buttons I love and hate him all at the same time! I was never really into celebrating that kind of stuff and It was always him reminding me of our Anniversary, I guess looking back it it now its definitely a special day to celebrate your love, and for being each others backbone for so  long! He's my best friend, My Husband, An awesome Dad, and everything a woman would want in a man! I couldn't ask for any one better to share my journey of love and life with!
So Yup Today we are going to celebrate and pig out on Sea Food! The kiddies will also be coming along along, They are very much part of this special day because they are my pride and joy!
I love the effects that my hubby used on these pics! It has such a California Vibe!


Zara; white top
H&M; bustier, and Jeans
Thrifted VV; clutch
Dita: heels
Hubby's Customized Cazal Sunglasses 600 series (I think)


  1. Awwwww, Ty, you look soooo pretty. I love your outfit & I love your hair. Congratulations to you & your hubby. I hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful anniversary..dont make no more kids tonight, ok?!?! LOL

  2. You look awesome! What camera are you using girl if you don't mind me asking...I'm looking to get me a new camera, #exciting

  3. i love those glasses! i hand it to you i cant do the all white i dont need kids around for it to be a disaster i'll do it on my own lol. congrats on celebrating your ten year with your hubby!


  4. These photos are fantastic! You look hot and you are working that bustier! Happy Anniversary lady!!!

    Girl...Red Lobster biscuits....yum!!!

  5. Girl you look GORG!!! I love the Bustier!! It looks so HAUTE on you girl. I love this all white look, you totally nailed it. Lovin on those shoes too!!! I love me some Red Lobster and the cheddar biscuits and SHRIMP...anything SHRIMP! hahahaa I prefer to go to Red Lobster over any other fancy seafood place ANYDAY! Happy 10th Anniversary...wow, 10 years!!!!

  6. Congrats on you & your hubbies ten years together!
    Love the all-white outfit. Especially, the bustier.

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous, as always!Congratulations on your anniversary and enjoy your meal!xoxo

  8. This is an awesome outfit! ... and I share your sentiment on white staying clean sometimes I can't even get out the door with white on because of that. Meanwhile I love the shades and shoes. The corset set the whole outfit off!!!

  9. CONGRATS on 10 years, that AWESOME!

    You look amazing!

  10. You look great!! I love this whole outfit

  11. i love your hair and your shoes!! happy anniversary and i wish you many more :-) 10 years, wow! what a blessing :-)


  12. Luv everything about this post. And your hair is adorable, the curls really work for you.

  13. Great job! Your hair & smile is so cute! And I wish you and your Hubby many many more years of Love & Happiness together!

  14. What a fun outfit! LOVE the bustier and those glasses are HOT!

  15. Happy Anniversary. You did a great job with the challenge. I'd ask for the bustier if I had boobs, lolol. Your hubs did a wonderful job on the pictures. I was wondering where did you go to take them and who photographed you. Niiicceee, Xo.

  16. Congrats and you did the challenge justice. This outfit is out of sight!

  17. love it! happy anniversary! i am following you :))) follow back?

  18. I'm dying for your hair...literally here at my desk! Love it!!!!

    Congrats on your 10yr and you did do the white out challenge justice! Salute!

  19. Love your white on white and the bustier is sexy. You look amazing!


  20. Well if you wore that to your anniversary I bet your husband loved it. So sexy...who'd have thought white could have such an edge.

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  21. Loving your look of all white out... i need to get mine in order have a couple parties to attend

  22. Love your shoes, handbag, accessories, the glasses and even the haircut. Too bad, you have a long hair now, eh.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Cathy | Create a more Inviting Home Interior this Fall Season


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