Mix Up!

TGIF!!!!!!!!! I love Fridays. This week has been a long one, and now its finally over thank god! Now i get to sit back and relax! So I have a confession just a teeny one! Remember when I said that I wasn't going to step foot in a mall because I am on a shopping band? Well I kind of didn't live up to that! LOL hence my blog name! 

You see Marshall's is new to Canada, and the "Grand Opening" sale is still going on, how could I miss that? I've never been to a Marshall's before until it came to Canada so can you imagine all the deals I've been getting lately, from designer wear, to home decor, anything you name it! I'm in heaven! I bought a few belts, and tops yesterday and also did some shopping for the kiddies, can I tell you they have the cutest kids clothes, and you don't have to break the bank! I do splurge alot when it comes to my kids! I gotta keep them looking good as well! 

Those who follow me on twitter already knows that I've been getting into some serious trouble for my shopping habits! I've had the "Talk" several times from the hubby but it doesn't sink in! Typical Women!
It's gotten so bad, that I have to smuggle my shopping bags in to the house, and make a run for it straight up the stairs hoping that the hubby is no where in sight! Now ladies tell me I'm not the only one that does this! If so then I have a sick addiction! It also doesn't help when you have a bunch of ladies on twitter *Ahem* won't mention any names LOL talking about shoes, clothes and online shopping sites all day! I get so caught up into "fashion talk" that my client's timer went off for her color and I didn't even hear it! (I swear that has never happened before!) Anyways dolls I will stay out of trouble because I can't afford for the hubby to be mad at me every god given day :) So be safe and enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

I wasn't really feeling this outfit,But it was a bit chilly that day, although the sun was out!  I think it's a miss, but oh well! I have 4 more sets of pics to post, then we should be back on schedule of my daily outfits by next week! I promise to never procrastinate again because I'm way behind now!
xoxo Ty


Zara; Skirt
H&M; Tights, cardigan (stolen from my sister)
Steve Madden; Heels
Oliver Isabell; Tank
Winners; Bag


  1. I love this ourift! It's so cute. And Marshalls? The best place ever!

  2. girl, you are trippin! this outfit is so cute! I got excited when I saw it. I love the leopard with the turquoise and the striped tights! It's definitely a win!

    ...and I don't have any clue who you're talking about on Twitter. They sound like a really bad influence. *giggles*

    I am so happy to hear you all got a Marshall's! Be careful, girl. The deals are non-stop..lol

  3. I absolutely adore your outfit, I don't know why you thought it was a miss. And no, you're not the only one that hides and shop, my aunt hides her stuff in laundry baskets, the back of her closet, but mostly her car. It never fails, every time you go into her car, there's a macy's or kohls bag "hiding".

  4. love the outfit, i guess we all do the same thing..shopping is sooooo good :)

  5. The tights are just fab...you look adorable:-)

  6. Cute outfit love the tights. I once had an issue with shopping as well. I used to sneak bags in the house, I would keep bags in my trunk and only take what I wanted to wear for that day. I would rush home from work to try to hide my packages, I had this big secret shopping addiction. Then one day my mom and my friend had a serious talk with me. Now I try to budget myself to a certain amount every month and only go shopping with a list if I do stray from the list it can only be one item. I am much better 3 years later. The best thing you can do is stay away from the stores, take another way home and plan your shopping. It's always the impulsive shopping that breaks the bank for me.

  7. tell me about it! my fiance just shakes his head at me but i have a feeling that the head shake will turn into a whole lotta talk when we tie the knot. but you look fab though...that kinda makes it worth the hassle...right? lol

  8. I freakin' love you! HAHA!!!! I am a shoppaholic and yer, I get caught up like u and can procrastinate just about anything else BUT a good retail binge! Dunno what you're on about mate...if u aint, I'm DEF feeling this outfit! Dunno how you do it but I really wanna learn to incorporate patterns into my closet without being so matchy-matchy

    BLEURGH & Xisses

  9. Love the tights, Girl! Really the whole thing. That's the perfect leopard print. You know sometimes how the leopard print isn't quite right. Well you nailed it. Stay out of trouble. Shopping is SERIOUSLY addicting. My excuse is I thrift so it's inexpensive and I'm saving the planet. It's working for now. XOXO

  10. I love this outfit. Great color combo. I never would've considered pairing a green with an animal print. I'm also feeling the horizontal stripe tights with it. It definitely works!

  11. First of all, I heart your style! That cardi sealed the deal for me (borrowed or not).

    And girllll...Marshall's is my joint! I rarely go to the mall because I find all I need in Marshall's! Most of my shoes come from there.

    Now...the old "sneak and run" method with the hubby and new clothes. Girl, just leave them in the trunk...then do some laundry. Take the tags off an item then throw it in the laundry basket. Fold/hang and put it in the closet.

    Shoes? Put the box in the trunk. Get out of the car barefoot holding the new shoes. He'll never know the difference.

    Stick with me kid. I can take your places in the "sneak new items" in the house department.

  12. cute!!! love the cardigan & skirt!!!

    http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

  13. Only Reiko at GFS can give us the biz the way she did. I love the cardi too. I'm a big fan. Makes me feel like a teacher still when I wear something now office like. Shameful I had my bags from my son unless there is something in them for him.

  14. that cardigan is so cute. and the green skirt is perfect...actually the whole outfit is.

  15. Oh man I need to incorporate a reply button on here!I was grinning away at some of your comments while reading them but the truth is there are lots of people battling this addiction! Although I know my limits,I still tend to go overboard alot of the time! welcome to the world of a compulsive buyer!

    I however don't run myself into debt but i know others that do!

    CBD (compulsive Buying Disorder) as they call it, can make you do weird things, like hide your purchases from your significant other! And yes that's as far as my addiction goes! I'm always thinking of ways to hide my purchases or ways of justifying how and when I got them! like "oh this was on sale, or that shirt is so old" I do feel guilty for doing it and no one should have to lie about such petty things but my hubby knows that this is something that I constantly struggle with and as much as he doesn't understand because he is not compulsive buyer he does bring me back to reality at times, followed by the "Talk"LOL

    @Reiko LMAO Those ones are new to me, but sounds like it does the trick! On my days when I do have to hide I will be sure to try those ones!

    Yes I admit to being a victim of CBD but I'm not hurting anybody /I'm just doing something I love to do "SHOP" and as long as I don't run myself into debt then that's all that matters right? However I am determined to save more and spend less!

    Thanks again for all your sweet comments and tips(haha) and for those that mentioned that they too had/has CBD stay strong and you'll get over it, if it's really serious to the point that you see yourself in debt then you should seek professional help in order to get back on the right track! Love you Guys and thx or sharing!

    xoxo TY

  16. Love this post (& the comments. Reiko is hilarious, I love her!)... LOVE your outfit too!!! I'm so glad I found your blog!!!

  17. What are you talking about you look great in this outfit. I love Zara but it's so expensive.