His Jacket, My heels!

Hey luvs so today I'm just lounging with nothing really to do! I woke up quite hungry this morning, craving a Philly cheese steak from Denny's! I never knew that we had a Denny's here in Canada thanks to my twitter friends they found me 3 locations which is all about an hour drive from where I live but when I have a craving for something it doesn't go away until I get it! So with that said I will be making a trip out west to get that Philly Cheese steak! (I know totally random, but it's what's on my mind!) 

This over sized Jacket was stolen from the hubby,  it's like 7years old and he's only worn it once! I've been eyeing it for quite sometime, but always forgot to sneak it out of his closet whenever he was not there! Ha ha mission accomplished! He doesn't seem to find it sexy when women wears their men's clothes! I find it dead sexy.... Carrie from (sex and the city) was famous for wearing Mr.big's shirts all the time! I'm obsessed with boyfriend jeans and blazers now his jacket! 

This is the 2nd time that I've worn these snake print shoes, and forgot how comfortable they were the first time I wore them! And oh yes before I forget I would like to say a very special Thank you for the new friends that I've made! (my followers) I really hate the word followers! It just doesn't sound right and like I mentioned before I would love to get to know you guys I love interacting with you on twitter and you guys are mad funny! You keep me sane and I love reading your comments they make me smile and puts me in a good mood! Anyways I'm off to munch on a salad, (I wish there was something unhealthier in my fridge to eat, but the greens always gets eaten last! )You know the rundown, Mondays are always a drag! So be safe and enjoy the rest of the week my loves! 
(looks like I'm wearing a toupee') 
Oh and I did enter a giveaway for a pair of shoes over at FASHIONdujourdaily.com blog so wish me luck, I never win anything!

xoxo Ty


Aritzia; Leather leggings
Jacket; Stolen from hubby
Guess; heels
Zara; top


  1. i really love your style and those shoes are hot! glad i found your blog!

  2. I love love this! And I think wearing men's clothes are super sexy...too bad i'm way too tiny to try it...it always looks extremely oversized and not so hot on me =(

  3. thx guys and @juanette i am heading over to check out your shoe giveaway!

  4. @stlishedforever are you on twitter hun?

  5. love your leggings and heels :)


  6. Sooo cute! Fab HATES when I try to steal his clothes. He basically forbids it. That doesn't stop me from trying though. Lol!

  7. www.travelhousetz.blogspot.com

    love your shoes

  8. Men's clothes especially if it is a great dress shirt thrifted. My sister who is a thrifting queen seems to only buy men's shirts and add a feminine twist. I need the shoes off your feet yesterday :)

  9. My sister also have that kind of jacket but it is actually made from bear's skin and it was totally expensive, I think she bought it for around $3,789.