Hey guys just giving you a quick update on my where a bouts! I left for Vegas Yesterday,i had to stop In Cleveland for about an hour for a connecting flight to Vegas. Shout out to all my Ohio followers! The people there are super friendly! Anyways i made it to Vegas safe and sound Yesterday we hit up the Fashion Show Mall can I tell you how dope that mall is? And all the beautiful shoes at sax? I just died! Today we're gonna do a bit of shopping and the big wedding is tomorrow! Wish I could stay here a bit longer! I love this city! But i have to go home to my kiddies that i already miss! Anyways I'm not gonna be updating or I just might! Lol just relaxing for right now taking it all in! Ok I'm going to stop my ranting now but look out for a couple updates soon! My hotel is so comfy that i can stay here all day! Lol or maybe not wouldn't wanna miss all the shopping and sight seeing! So my darlings I shall speak to you soon hailing all the way from Vegas! Big up to all my Vegas followers I am loving your city right now! Later chickas! Xoxo Ty


  1. Have fun, girl!!! I can't wait to see all the fun stuff you buy... Vegas has THEE best shopping!

  2. I would give an arm and a leg right about now to escape this winter weather... lucky you!!! Well, have fun and please take a whole bunch of banging pictures for our delight :wink wink: