Viva Las Vegas

I'm Back! And very happy to be home! Vegas was a blast, the shopping the food the drinking lol! It was all a great experience that i will definitely do again! The wedding was a great success and neither the bride nor groom had wedding jitters! lol that could be a scary thing! 

Anyways i scored lots of cool stuff in Vegas, i could live at their Forever 21! Their h&m had everything Toronto didn't and American Apparel was $50 dollars cheaper than American Apparel in Toronto! Insane! The louboutin store, Prada and Mui Mui left my head spinning but i did grab a pair that i am totally going nuts over! 

The wedding was really fun and it was great networking with people! Although i didn't know anyone at the wedding, I left feeling as if i did! Everyone was friendly and so welcoming! My Hubby however has known the groom for over 22 years they are great buddies, and child hood friends, and i'm glad that i could be part of this celebration!  Anyways check out the pics..


Bcbg; dress
Zara; heels
h&m; clutch, bangles, 
Watch; Micheal Kors


  1. It took you forever to pick out your dress for this wedding, but I must say you did a fantastic job! The color, the shape, just everything is so pretty. Those Zara heels are to die for. I have that clutch in leopard print, but I didnt know they had the giraffe print!! UGHHH!! I'm in love with it!! Send it to me..pretty please! LOL


  2. You look fabulous :). Great choice!

    Fashion Rehab

  3. aww youu look soooooooo cuuuuteeeeee xoxoo :)

  4. MISSED YOU!!! FAB choice of dress, so flattering!
    I'm super nervous cos after I take my weave out, I'm relaxing and cutting my hair to a style similar to yours....any tips?

    Xisses, Onyxsta


  5. Luces muy bien,el vestido es hermoso,y el esmalte de uñas me encanta!!...

    Besos y Saludos

  6. wow! I really love your blue dress! you look amazing! lovely pictures! many friends of mine had their weddings in Las Vegas. they were really fun and fantastic! like your blog!

  7. @ prissy yes i know,i thought i would have to end up buying a dress in Vegas O O whvr u get bored we can swap! problem solved!

    Thanks for all the comments guys! I was hitting a deadline i found this dress right in time! *thumbs up*

  8. You look beautiful! I love love love the dress and the clucth and I can't belive that this amazing clutch is from H&M. Tommorow will be the opening of the first H&M store in my country,I can't wait to shop there.

  9. i absolutely love this blue dress!
    You got zara's shoes i'm searching everywhere!
    so jealous ;)
    they look so good on!
    great outfit!

  10. lovely outfit!! The blue looks so pretty on you. Simple and chic with a lil flare!