Hey beautifuls! How's the New Year treating you all... Can't believe its 2011! It seems as if everyone is busy making new years resolutions but me! To be honest i don't really care to make any new years resolutions! I just wanna go with the flow and whatever 2011 brings my way! I'm tired of making resolutions and setting limits, only to get disappointed  when things don't go as planned, So I'm just gonna stay on for the ride! However i would love to hear some of your new years resolutions... and how you plan on fulfilling them. On another note I've started hitting the gym and I've never felt better, but my limbs are sore and my thighs feel like jello!

I decided to die my hair a few weeks ago. (Theses pics are at least 2 weeks old) I loved the color, but my hair was not at its healthiest so i went back to black! As a stylist i tend to take care of every body elses  hair but my own, weird isn't it? I bleach it, die it, relax it, you name it all, my hair has been there and back! Hairdressers are like doctors, they recommend that you don't smoke cause its bad for your health, but yet still they do it! I'm maybe going to take a second shot at coloring it again, or just playing with extensions for a bit! either way I'm bored of this look and its a new year so why not switch it up! 

lastly, I'm working on a new layout and a few things to add to the blog! I would love to hear some of your suggestions and ideas! After all i didn't make it this far by myself, i had the help of my 101 lovely followers! Share some of your ideas with me and what you would like to see more of! OK well it's my cue to stop rambling now so i will leave you guys with these thoughts!

Bye for now! xoxo Ty

 What do you guys think about the color! Should i have kept it?


  1. I love the color and the site. I vow to not be a lurker and post often. Also here is my blog if you are interested. . . Oh yeah, I post your stuff to my FB!

  2. Happy New Year darling :)
    u still looking good with the new color!!
    kisses enjoin the 2011.

  3. def. a keeper...

  4. me likey! y did u leave the hat on? ur such a tease.

  5. Awwww! thanx guys! now for sure i will have to go back to that color!

    lol I'm sorry if i was being a tease not what i intended! :) xoxo

    @Shica Chauntee i will mos deff check out your blog hun!

    @ Bajan Beauty: looked great! :(

    @Missy Cheeks: happy new year to you my love! hope 2011 is a prosperous year for you!

  6. love the colour on your skintone...shame u had to revert to black, it really suited u :)


  7. I love it!! The colour is perfect and it goes amazingly well with your eyes :)


  8. awww i love red hair on you looked great...maybe next time lol