The hubby hates taking pics! Arrrg! I guess it's just a guy thing  *kanye shrug* As women we tend to naturally embrace the camera way more than men do. Hey what can i say we like to get in touch with our Kodak side!

Wearing: Women's Nike high tops, and Men's Converse

These pics were taken sometime last week! We were just hanging around having a convo with our neighbor. His wife then stated how cute we looked in our matching jackets! So i asked her if she wouldn't mind taking a few pics! (of course i didn't tell her what for! it would be pretty strange having my neighbors husband gawking at me through his computer screen! he kinda freaks me out anyways!) 


Nike;Women and Men's Jacket
SMG; (supreme Music Group) My hubbys music production 
Ty Ty: True Religion Jeans
Hubby: G star Jeans and Gucci belt

Nike Sports Wear


  1. How cute! It worst than pulling teeth to get them to take pictures... Why is that? You all make a smashing good couple! And I dont blame you for not telling your neighbor... that would be weird.

  2. Very cute, Ty!! You guys look adorable together...And tell him I said "SMILE"!! LOL


  3. I know right? still don't know why its sooo hard it's just a picture! geesh! awww thx so much!

    hahaha at the whole neighbor thing, its so awkward i catch him staring at me all the time and i don't know what he's thinking! Really creepy!

  4. lol yes prissy i told him the same thing! he looks so miserable!

  5. I never comment but I had to say that these photos are the cutest ever! You two are so adorable. =)

  6. Awwwwww, his fly matches your fly! So cute.


  7. these pics are oh so cute!!!! u should have them framed :)

  8. I love this pic! Shows cool black love with swag. So admiring you and your hubby! Makes me optimistic ;)

  9. I meant I love the one where you two are holding hands and your backs are facing the camera. LOL... Speaks a thousand words. A friend of mine even noticed how your hubby has you on the inside of the curb, away from the street, so shows love and consideration for you :)