“Hello lurver,” said Carrie Bradshaw

Hey guys, hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! I know i am a bit late but merry Christmas to all and hope to ring in the new year with good vibes and a positive attitude! I ate lots of cake, drank lots of wine and i've been in lazy mode since.. 

 So what better way to ring in the Christmas with a shoe box, with the famous "Christian Louboutins" signature splattered all over it! A gift that will have a girl's heart stop beating for a second or two! (which means i went to heaven and back! lol) Call me crazy but it almost felt as if i needed to be on the set of sex in the city while opening up theses babies! Carrie Bradshaw would mos definitely cosign these loubys! I've already worn them twice, and no BS i swear to you they are the most comfiest pair of heels that i own! But then again ringing in at about a grand and change, hell they better be comfortable. I'm starting to sound a little too materialistic, but I've dreamt of this day, when i will get a chance to make this shoe a part of my wardrobe! 

 The bottoms got scratched my second night of wearing them, on a rocky pavement! :(

"Most women remember when they bought their first pair of Louboutins. You probably can’t say that about any other item in your closet."


  1. wow those are cute but how do you afford them with kids and all. just curious what does ur hubby do.

  2. You know to be honest with you, i think anyone can purchase a pair of louboutins if they REALLY wanted to. But is it worth dipping into your rent or mortgage money for something that at the end of the day is considered "a want and not a need?" I personally have had "louboutin" money before but i have other priorities in life that comes first! My mortgage, and bills and so on! I think on a special occasion like a birthday or even Christmas you can splurge on that "special someone" and that's just what my hubby did! My kids has never stopped me from living the kind of lifestyle that i live.I make good/decent money as a hairstylist and my husband makes even better money as a manager of a very known phone company by day and a music industry promoter by night!

  3. OH MY WORD! Those are just fabulous. Gold star for the hubby! I can't wait to see you rocking your new shoes!

    And you are right, if you save all the money you spend on $50 - $100 shoes at whim, anyone can purchase a pair of CL's. It's all about making choices about what you buy.

    (and by the way, I don't think you owe anyone an explanation about your finances! As fashion bloggers, we have a right to choose how much info we want to share about how we get the money to buy our clothes. Just my two cents... )

  4. OMG!! to the first comment. that's such a RUDE question.y would u ask that? smh!!!!

  5. Boo, you didn't have to explain to anyone how or why you spend your money the way you do. I love those shoes. People budget and find a way to spend on things they want to.

    I remember my first pair. My boss and I would go to the sample sales where the shoes would be no more than $500 at most and she'd walk out with three or four pairs because she'd saved or her husband gifted them. And I could never afford to get them when she could. I hadn't saved a thing! So, I said, "Next time, I'm gonna get my Louboutins!" and I saved up and got my first two pair... a creme satin mary jane for $175 and another hot pink pump for $200. I was so happy to have them. I set a goal and treated myself!

    When you budget and practice good money management, the extras that are important to us should be incorporated (whether it's fashion/technology/charity/sports/travel). Any financial adviser worth their salt will tell anyone that (believe me, I've interviewed several in my line of work!)

    Anywho, happy holidays, be blessed and enjoy your Louboutins! Love this site!

    And to the one who questioned how you could buy those, be blessed sister... find happiness in your own life so that such a question won't even come to mind.

  6. omg, I'm so jealous! they are so perfect.

  7. WOW!!! That 1st comment...WHEW!!! anyhoo, I'm estatic for you. Those things are FIERCE!!! I love them!! He picked a perfect shoe. Shout out to Hubby!!!

    I think I want my 1st pair of designer shoes to be Loubou's as well. My 1st purse will be Gucci. As Eboni stated, I think we all can afford a designer piece, its just WHEN to splurge on it is the question. Saving is all a part of being able to afford what you want.

    Hope you & your family had a very Merry Christmas & enjoy your New Year!!!


  8. That was honestly disrespectful. I come to wonder is that question really about race?

  9. Sheeshh that first comment was a little rude.. it's ok to slurge on a pair of great designer shoes. it's about budgeting and saving to treat yourself to something nice once in a while.

    These are freakin beautiful!! I love them!

  10. thanks guys im in luuuuuv with them! I'm afraid thats it gonna start looking as if i only own one pair of shoes now! ha ha You know what you guys are all right i dont have to explain my self to anybody, but i had to break it down, because alot of people think that you have to have a truck load of money to have nice things! i work hard for mine! And alot of you brought up some really valid points about saving, or "treating yourself" to that special shoe, or vacation, or charity what ever is your cup of tea!

  11. They are fantasmorgorical! All one needs is those shoes and allll is right I'm the world. Happy New Year =0)

  12. Hi, I just found your blog when I saw your style over at the fashion bomb (I live in Canada too)
    I agree that that first comment was rude. You were very classy and I liked your answer, but again, you don't owe anyone an explanation as to how you saved or where your husband works(don't get me started on the idea that a woman who works and earns her own money has to answer a question about her husband's job). It's a pet peeve of mine when people start questioning what I buy or not. As long as I don't ask anyone to lend me some money why do you want to know? ugh
    As for the lovely shoes, enjoy them in good health. I have 2 pairs, one high heeled and one a kitten heel. I bought red vibram soles as recommended on thepurseforum.com and had them resoled before I wore them out.The red matches quite well, but I have to say that mine are not very comfy (or I'm not used to them yet, they are not a platform, brown pattent glittart ron rons)
    btw, are you a member of longhaircareforum.com? I don't see a lot of members from Canada.