The sily bandz buzz!

This is the latest and newest fashion accessory amongst kids! If you don't own a few then you ain't cool, bottom line..... My daughter has developed a sick obsession for them and i don't think that its going to stop anytime soon. I've spent $30 easily in one month, on silly bandz alone, making sure to get every shape, and color there is. So what exactly are they? Well, they are non toxic silicone elastic bands that comes in different sorts of shapes and colors. Its the new buzz amongst kids. Trading them amongst friends has become a huge obsession, and even banning silly bandz in some schools calling it a "distraction" in the class room.

Personally i think that kids have tons of fun with this accessory. My daughter comes home everyday saying "mommy mommy look Marcus traded me my butterfly for a Justin Beiber and a key note" and its just so cute! (keep in mind that those two are very hard to find!) and dont forget the glow in the dark silly bandz! yes soooo much of them that i cant keep up! lol This is like the coolest thing ever invented to kids and even celebrities has jumped on to this cool trend! So for those of you who have kiddies i'm sure these fun and cool accessories would make great stocking stuffers and a guaranteed smile and hug followed by i love you sooooo much mommy! (As if you didn't already know that) lol
So are silly bandz a hot topic in your household?

P.S : off topic hope every one had a fun and safe Halloween! I had lots of fun with both the kiddies and my sisters and friends... I have lots of pics to post I did dress up, and i'm waiting to get the pics from my sis in law, but that's for another post by its self, cant wait for you guys to see the pics, my costume was hilarious! Anyways Toodles
xoxoxoxo Ty

My daughter's silly bandz collection 

 Hello Kitty & Justin Bieber

Celebrities wearing Silly Bandz

Sarah Jessica Parker endorsing this fun kids trend

Seen on magazine cover

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