Halloween Pics Part 1

Hey Luvs i am half asleep while writing this post! My day was pretty exhausting and i cant wait to get into my cozy bed and dream the night away! However i promised that i would post pics of my Halloween costume! And pleases don't ask who was i trying to impersonate! lol I'm still trying to figure that out! Is it safe to say GAGA? I know my costume wasn't dead on cause we all know that GAGA goes all f*#!@^! out, but for a last minute costume i think i did okay!

I recall a couple months back when i asked you guys what should i dress up as! Well about that..... please don't think that your picks didn't matter, its just that i decided that i wasn't gonna dress up anymore, but it was hard to say no to the peer pressures of my sisters, and sister in law! So i was forced to make up a last minute outfit and grab whatever was left of the accessories at the nearest stag shop! Last stop was American Apparel for my bodysuit and TADA! this is the after math!

These pics were taken on Sunday (Oct 31) on my way home from a Halloween party with hubby! There will be more pics posted up from the Saturday night that i went out with the girls.. so stay tuned
And yes my hubby did dress up but didn't want to be photographed :(    Big Baby!



Body suit: American Apparel
Tights: Walmart
Jewelery: F21
Wig&Mask: Stag Shop, Party Packagers



  1. creative!!
    did u enjoin ur halloween party?
    kisses and rest



  3. I had fun Missy Cheeks Thanks soo much for asking! you have been one of my biggest supporters since i've launched my blog i would personally like to say thank you :) xoxoxo Ty

    @onyxsta i love that play suit and i will be finding ways to wear it this winter!

    later guys!