Furs & Fall

Hey guys! It's been a while but i promise that outfit posts will be at least every other day! There's nothing better than Retail Shopping! lately I've been going through a little personal struggle of my own, but i am happy to say i am finally over it, My sister convinced me out on a shopping date and i must say that did the trick! It was so refreshing to be in a different environment other than work. Instead of drowning my self in my sorrows I in turn treated myself to a few tasteful purchases.

I also have my mind set on this really cool one piece leopard jumper that i decided not to take, I really don't know why, but i am surely regretting it now as i speak! Hope there's more left.... Furs, Leopard and Lace are still hot items for fall, displayed on almost ever mannequin in stores! I'm loving my fur scarf its sooo warm and i also purchased a similar one today but its more of a fur collar that goes around your neck! Dope....
xoxo Ty


Shoes; Aldo Booties
Sunglasses; Dior
 Leggings, Fur Scarf; H&M
Bag; Louis Vuitton
Cardigan Sweater; Zara


  1. very nice. love the fur!

  2. I want that fur scarf! so cute! I am sure by the time I make it to my local H&M, they won't have it anymore.

    Anyway, you look fabulous as always!

  3. I love those leggings. You look so chic.

  4. Thanx guys.... @ife I'm sure you will find it! I hate to rant about this but our H&m stores are so boring and late on almost every item i see in the h&M Mags.... Its frustrating and i think we just get the left over merchandise that other stores or countries don't want! lol its sad but that's the reality... i hope you find it! bet cha you will! *happy face and fingers crossed* xoxox ty

  5. Cute as usual! I'm off to find my faux fur scarf now! Love the booties!