Angel In Disguise!

Ha Ha  I'm back with another outfit posts as promised! Went shopping again! and went to do a few last minute things... The weather here was great (considering that it's fall) i find my self wearing my faux fur scarf like almost everyday! Like i said its really warm! And im patting myself on the back for such a great purchase! The fact that it actually serves purpose and doesn't only look great justifies my purchase even more!
Another small but great purchase was my Eiffel Tower Necklace from F21! Its a reminder of beautiful Paris, a place i would like to visit someday! My sister is in love with the City and she's never been, yah Paris has that effect! Strange huh? On my next post i will show you all my purchases I'm so excited that i can't wait to try them all with pieces from my closet!

One more thing my blog turns a year tomorrow! November 11th i am thinking about doing a giveaway so stay tuned..... I love you all !   MUAH

xoxox Ty

 My new found obsession!




H&M; Sweater, faux fur, bracelets
American Eagle; denim shorts
Aldo; Booties
Forever21; tights, Eiffel Tower Necklace, bow ring
Louis Vuitton; Bag
New Lipstick; Rich Cashmere from Lancome



  1. Faux fur is AMAZING!!

    I have to get to Paris before I die. Like I'd love to live there once I turn 40. It just such a romantic place.

    Bows and Lavender Lips

  2. You look fabulous!LOVE that bag:)


  3. I love EVERYTHING about this look. Love the look of tights with denim shorts. I havent tried this look yet, but I will very soon!!


  4. best outfit yet, you r killin it girl, u deff need more recognition.

  5. You just inspired me to go and dig out my fur collar from years back

    i love your blog
    added you on my blogroll
    check it out + follow and if you like, add me on yours....it would make my birthday :)