I decided to do a Whats In My Bag post. It seems as if everyones's done that besides me. oh well i tend to do things on my own time. lol yah i tend to be a procrastinater alot of the time….but oh well!

Aldo: Bag
Victoria's Secret: very cocoberry cream
Apple: I pod player
Gucci: Wallet
Dior: Make up Bag
Hand sanitizer
A Pad ( for unexpected moments)
A bobby pin
A hair Brush
Oliver Peoples: Sunglasses
Quo: 2 in 1 lipgloss
A back up Camera Battery
and of course my camera and car keys which arent pictured above! dont know where my car keys were!

What's in your bag? and what's the one thing that u never take out of your bag, or that you cant live without!

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  1. Ok so now I'm wondering what the Cocoberry smells like....hmmmmm

    This post helped remember what I was going to post about this week.....thanks