Hey my luvs hope every one is doing great, as for me i'm not too sure that i can say the same. I might be coming up with the flu! (yah the FLU! i prefer having a cough, or cold but not the FLU!) oh well life goes on! 

Okay the real reason for this post is i have a few tough decisions to make and i need all the help that i can get! And i mean ALL the help! I would like for everyone to help me out here! Toronto's Fashion Week is coming up (Tuesday October 19th) and i have no clue on what to wear! I promised myself  to not buy anything new for this occasion and to shop directly from my closet! (patting my self on the back for not breaking the rules)  After trying almost everything in my god dammed closet, it came down to these three outfits. This is where you guys come in. Honest Opinions pls. :) So i got my daughter to take a few pics of the outfits that i have in mind! i'll also be attending an after party dinner where all the "fashion Industry people" get together for drinks and h'orderves and socialize and meet new faces, So having said all that the decision is left up to you my luvs and my future is in your hands! :)   haha how stupid do i sound??????
xoxoxoxo ty
( Not wearing any makeup and my hair is not done)


Miss Sixty; Leather dress
Guess; heels
H&M; tights and clutch
Aldo; Necklace
Q: should i keep this clutch or swap it for another clutch?


H&M; blazer and necklace
 Mango; top worn as dress
Gossip; heels
vintage ; clutch
Q: Should i change the clutch to black instead?


H&M; sweater Dress
Vince Camuto; heels
The Bay; necklace
 Vintage; Clutch


  1. definitely outfit #3.

  2. Hi :)
    I hope that today u are feeling better!!
    Hum..I like all the outfits,but my vote is 4 the 3rd!!

  3. Outfit two or three...but i'm leaning towards three!

  4. DEFINITELY OUTFIT 1!!! With Outfit 2's necklace, and I'm not sure if I can do this but with this pair of shoes if they are black --


  5. I think outfit two it's sophisticated & stylish.

  6. 1st choice 2 - black clutch
    2nd choice 3 - perfect, simple and stunning

  7. LOVE all the outfits, but I am feeling OUTFIT #1! I think it's very fashion-forward and edgy, which is perfect for the event! The tights, necklace and clutch are just on-point and I think you'd make an impression with the outfit, especially since you're having dinner with industry people.

    Good luck! Been a reader of your blog for a while, but my first time commenting. :)

  8. i am going with outfit 2 or 3. outfit one is cute but for fashion week you want to stand out . Now that i think about it i think outfit 3 is a winner and you wear it with a blazer from outfit 2. that will look smashing.

  9. Outfit number 1 for sure. Trendy and edgy, your style.

  10. all of them look good.. but I LOVE #3!!

  11. number twoooooooooooooooooo

  12. I like #1 and #2 the best. It's the idea of having a jacket to dress them up, and the option to take it off and be more relaxed... Anyway have fun, can't wait to see what you choose and pics from the events!

  13. hey luvlies so just a quick comment before i get ready for work! it seems like outfit #3 is in the lead! well keep the comments coming i do have one more day! I chose these outfits because they are trendy and i need to be somewhat trendy if im going to a fashion show right? Top trends of the season Leather, Leopard(especially in different colors) and knits which is my third outfit! But i was wondering if outfit 3 would be the best wear to the dinner party? well whatever my outfit depends on the most commented! If its up left to me to choose ill go nuts! anyways im out! i will be checking the comments later throughout the day just so that i know what im working with tommorow and also to get my pedi and mani! kk my loves bye for now! xoxoxo Ty

  14. I like outfit 2


  15. I like outfit number one and three.
    With outfit one I feel like something is missing and I am not sure about the clutch but the dress is is! I am not sure if it is too much black maybe a different colour shoe?

    Number 3 is on

  16. I prefer outfit #2. The first outfit is trying too hard. The third outfit is just okay, but the second outfit is effortlessly chic.

  17. outfit number 3 is cute. p.s but that necklace in the first pic is hot!

  18. I think you look FAB in all of them, but my favorite is #3 :)