F*^#@! Pissed Off Right Now!

So i've put all this effort into preparing for this big day and every thing is going wrong! First, im sick like a dog, and my babysitter cancels because something came up! So what the F*!# do i do? $200 in tickets gone to waste! My damn money gone down the drain. What a waste, i was so excited and now im down to tears. Im lost for words right now! What can i say i was really looking forward to it, now im gonna be in a pissed off mood all day! :( 

Im gone to bed!


  1. ohh that is so bad..i hope that know u are feeling better!!
    take care

  2. Sorry that things didn't work out! I'm sure that a bigger & better opportunity will be around the corner. There's got to be a positive side to this somewhere!