Random Pics

Hey luvs, so i found a few pics that i totally forgot to upload! Thats what happens when your'e hella busy! Anyways cant remember excatly where i was going, but comfort did play a huge factor in my outfit that day! I am loving my "Chanel Inspired" bag, it makes up for the real deal that i will not be able to splurge on anytime soon! Maybe in two more years. Ha ha ha. Okay im done talking check it out!
I hate the way this pic turned out because it looks like my legs are screaming cellulites! I do have a few, but these are not cellulites, theyr'e just chair marks from sitting too long!

Aldo Bracelets

Eddie Bauer jeans jacket, Aldo wedges, H&M skirt, F21 top
"Chanel inspired"
My mos fave wedges xoxoxo


  1. You look great with long hair!!


  2. OMG, I love this look. I have been searching for inspiration on how to wear my short mini skirt and still look classy. I just got it! Thanks so much. You look so cute.

  3. OMG! I really like your blog. It's refreshing with fashion and family orientation. You look great for 2 kids...seriously. Kinda put me to shame with my 1 kid....got me thinking I need to do some extra reps on my Ab Lounge

    I added your blog to my blogroll if that's cool with you. Keep up the fantastic work!


  4. You look really WOW!!!Love the hair and shoes:)