Taste Of The Danforth

Hello  my luvs or should i say OPA! Do i have any greek followers up in here? I am back in full effect! Yaaay! Went to the Mac store this morning before i went to work, and got a new adapter. (so it was my charger after all and not my mac! phew, thank god!) I am just thinking of all the misery i'd be in without it!

Anyways, After finishing work today the fam and i went to "The Taste Of Danforth" this is a food festival. It celebrates the greek culture, and their yummy dishes. Everything was yummy as it looked. The schwarmas were to die for.. for those who dont know what a shwarma is u betta ask somebody. Its basically chicken on a skewer almost like a sish Kabob, with taziki sauce, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce, all wrapped in a pita! Mmmmmmmm

I love trying new food, everything is a new experience, and Toronto is a very muticultural city. And thats what makes it home. But i must say Greek food is one of my old time favourites, next to italian food. You don't know what you're missing until you try it!

To complete the day, there was kiddie rides, hula hooping contest, which i tried out for, (:)) and a mini carnival!  Perfect day overall and the kids loved it!  Check out the pics here! i wanted to take a few more snapshots of the food but i was too busy stuffing my face!  What a fun day!

Greek town

Can't wait to dig In!

This tastes almost like a sloppy joe!
Gucci Bag

I suck! I used to be good at this once upon a time :(
The winner! She got it down packed, mama taught her well…..xoxoxoxoxoxo

some random guy walking around playing the accordian! He gave me the creeps…


Remember these? brings back childhood memories!
My new Lavendar Nail polish by REVLON

Greek live band… Although i didn't understand what the were saying, the music was the life of the festival 
If you're ever thinking of visiting Toronto, check it out! they got you covered!

LOVE my new f21 earrings.
Hibiscus are my favourite tropical flower
H&M dress and my sis's coach wristlet
Sad to think that summer is almost over! Enjoy what's left of it….

Ziggy sandals



  1. thank jesus you got your charger . love the outfit from h.t.t . eyelashes are to die for

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! That maxi dress looks great on you!

  3. <3 your looks!

    ESPECIALLY <3 how "personal" this blog is (lots of pictures, great details, etc)!

    All the best!