Hey guys hope every one's week has been going good so far, mine not sooo good. My charger for my mac book has officially stopped working. ARRGGGGGG! im so pissed just typing about it! I have one battery stick left, so i am going to put it to good use, and that is to let you guys know that i wont be on here for sometime, well until i buy a new charger if thats the problem! (for my sake i really do hope sooo)

  I literally felt like bursting into tears, technology sucks! Do i really mean that? NO because without it i wouldn't be able to communicate with my beautiful SNSL(shop now save later) fam. Hopefully i'll be able to leave on my lunch break to the Mac store and find out the problem… Fingers crossed! until then don't forget about me, i'll be back. MUAH! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

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