Mickey and Me!

I'm in love with this mickey mouse tank. Too cute isn't it? I bought it at f21 in Miami at i think a mall called Dolphin mall.  OMG can i tell you, their f21 was humoungous, it literally puts ours in Toronto to shame. There was sooo much selection, at great prices, but that's always the case with f21. You'll always see something you like! i guarantee you that…. Time for a nail polish change i'm tired of looking down and seeing the same ole color! I need some new colors, got any in mind? my new summer crave is Essie nail polish. I love every single color of theirs….

I was also having a bad hair day, I normally wrap it at night, or  style it with my flat iron in the morning, but today i just didnt feel like styling it. I sprayed some hair wax and tossled it with my fingers a few times and didnt wanna bother with it again! I'm thinking wether i should grow it out i miss my hair, but i must admit having short hair is fun. Extensions maybe? how bout i just suprise you'll! ha ha hahahah  FASHION DU JOUR mentioned about her hubby not letting her cut her tresses, honey your hair is gorgeous! trust me no doubt you'll have mad fun with short hair styling it and all but you will miss your long hair, so your hubby is just looking out for his lady. (and it sounds like long hair wins his heart over short) hahahah……..  ok can some one tell me to shut up already? 

Aldo rings, Vince Camuto shoes, JBrand jeggings,Gucci Bag "sukey"

My phone's ringing and i cant find it! too much junk in that big bag of mine…..

Sooo into my texts, nothing around me matters……. don't you hate that?

Forever 21 Tank


  1. I think ur hair is ok!!
    cutie tank of Mickey :=)
    nice heels!!