Did i mention that these shorts were on sale? lol i just couldnt justify paying 80 dollars for these shorts. And now what do you know im wearing them for only $30. can you believe? I'm already thinking how im gonna wear them next.  i'm thinking my black blazer a cute white or even coral tank and my black aldo wedges…. sounds like a well put together outfit!  In the pics photoed below i was on my way to a cook out! it was fun lots of liquor and good food… and most of all laughter for the soul!

Aritzia shorts, LV purse, H&M tank, ziggy flats, fashion against aids earrings by H&M


  1. great shop!!
    i hope that u have enjoined ur "cook out"

  2. Hey Tysha,

    I love your blog. Ever since I've discovered your blog via The Fashion Bomb, I've been checking it out almost on a daily basis. You are really reppin' for the fashionable Toronto chicks (I'm from Toronto as well!).

    Anywho, I was wondering where you got your LV bag. Is it vintage? I tried looking for it on the LV website but can't seem to find it? I'd love to know!

    Keep doing your thang girl!


  3. super cute! I love your hair! I wish the hubs would let me cut mine. Love the purse. Love the polish! love it all!

    FASHION du jour

  4. @MISSY CHEEKS… yes i did enjoy my cook out and thanks for asking, i love to eat , lol it was really fun though!

    To the Anonymous comment,
    thank you soo much, Toronto has alot of stylish chicks and i think we should get placed on the map just like every other country! Glad to know your'e fron Toronto ain't no better support than the ones from your hometown! As for my bag, i bought it on italian ebay website. I'm supposing its real cause i dished out $500 for it and also anything coming from italy always is since its made there. It is Vintage however because thats what it was listed as. So there you have it. I've had it for a while too i think almost 4 years.

    thank you my dear, and i can say that i love your hair too! its so silky.. i deff agree with your hubby, dont snip it! i mean my theory is hair always grows back so what the heck but never as fast as you want it too! u feel me? xoxoxoxoxoxo