hey my luvs im back home safe and sound! kinda home sick to be honest with you! lol who would have thought! anyways i did have lots of fun and was in terrible need of this vacation! I tried to take as much pics possible. Other times i was too busy basking in the sun on south beach getting sun burnt! Okay now i might sound stupid but i never knew dark skinned people could get sun burnt as well! I am experiencing it for the first time ever and it burns like hell, it feels like i got stung with a thousand rubber bands on my back, and shoulders. I should have laid off a little on the Tanning Oil! I kinda secretly like my tan lines though, it shows that i've been away from home. teeheee silly i know! So what have you guys been up to? Hate that im going back to work tomorow, after being spoilt by miami, sleeping in, going to the beach, and sipping on Mojitos all day! Oh well back to reality! As nice as it sounds, i love working for mine cause im a go getter! maybe in a couple years time i can kick back and enjoy that lifestyle but for now imma get that paper! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo enjoy!

Mangoe, passion Fruit and Ice tea Mojitos

Who would have thought? i was dressed pretty casual through out my entire trip! It was extremely hot there and for the first time ever i put my comfort over pain/beauty first lol im sure you women know what i mean by that! 

Zara top, Aldo wedges, marciano shorts, gucci glasses and bag
Aldo heels, f21 dress
My sis and i Going Clubbing! We partied it up at Mansion Nightclub and lounge, who wears black in miami? lol i do!

American Apparel dress, Seychelles heels

Ellisa is wearing: French connection Bustier, f21 skirt, steve Madden heels
Although our personalities are very different, we enjoy shopping together and we even have a few outfits that are the same! <3


  1. Glad you had a great time in Miami. I have lived here for the past 5 years and still haven't gotten use to these hellish summers =(. Great pics. I love Mansion!

  2. omg! it was torture, i kept stopping into every store just to feel the ac again! lol but apart from the unescapable heat i had a blast! Mansion was fun! i would totally do it again! xoxoxoxo

  3. You guys look fab! I am loving the outfits as usual. I can tell you spent a lot of time in the sun because of your tan! Which hotel/resort did you stay in? I plan on going to Miami early next year and I want to stay in a really nice hotel. Your hotel room looks nice.

  4. I'm so glad you were featured on fashionbombdaily.com cause I love your style and the fact that you are a wife\mommy is just...

    I loved your sandals so much I just ordered a pair. Your style is so relateable yet very chic. I'm being a little nosy now but may I ask your height\weight it's just I'm losing weight and I think you are the size I'm trying to get back to (i'm a size 10 wanna get back to 6 or an 8 before December)?

  5. We stayed at the Sanctuary Hotel on James St. Originally we were supposed to stay at the Betsy Hotel on Ocean Dr. (Really nice looking) but unfortunately there were no available rooms for that date! Our Hotel was ok, the customer Service was horrible, they didnt provide toothpaste, or soap! (who would have thought?) but since i hardly stayed in the hotel that much i didnt really care to complain! Another great pkace is the Cardoza, they are all on Ocean Dr. and all the great food is around there! I lost my expensive peice of jewelery at the hotel and no one called back to inform me that i left it even after room service! I wouldnt advice you to go there but hope you have fun check out the betsy/ cardoza!

  6. @ Akilah! thank you lots, your comment is greatly appreciated! Hope you enjoy your sandals :) they are super comfy and i can walk in them for days! Hey your'e not being nosey at all, feel free to ask me anything i'm cool! my height…. i think im like 5"4 and i weigh 136 my weight fluctuates however from time to time 136-145lbs i wear a size 28-30 in jeans and and im a 6 in tops and dresses, tried squeezing into a 4 but its impossible lol

    well if you dont mind can i give you a tip! it works for me and ive been doing it every other day (it should be every day but i slack off sometimes :) if you have a blender at home try this: One stalk of celery, handful of spinach, 1whole apple, 1cup of water, 11/2 cup of orange juice. drink daily, on an empty stomach then eat your meals after. i've lost at least 10 pounds with this vege juice. Its basically a detox for your body and that way you get your vegetable intake daily! Try it and let me know if it works for you! keep it refrigerated but make a fresh batch daily set your blender to juice option! Enjoy! <3

  7. You are so awesome! I felt silly asking that question but you remind me of the size I was before I had my son (13yrs ago lol). I currently weigh 175 so I'd like to get back to 140.

    Thanks for the the detox drink. I'm on it!